Darker hearts - part 2

Posted Nov 19, 2023, 7:03:28 PM UTC

After entering the castle grounds with the carrier, she hurried inside the castle.
Only to be pushed into choosing an outfit for the night. 
Taking to long time, by one of the ralts helping in the area, she got shoved into a changeroom, given some looks as the ralt took her mesaurement before heading out and returning with a full outfit for her.
Blue in different shades, warm leather and soft fur puffing out underneth. A half mask that was designed after a dragon. Almost looking like a victorian jester but alot warmer and no longer shivering from the cold. 
Same ralt seemed to be nodding approved and then slipped a hand into the bag, with a red flash afterward deciding to be adopted by zerina before she had any say.

Late art that didnt get fully finished
full body of trainer in masqurade outfit
sketched, flat colouring, simple background

trainer bonus +5 lvls
dark ralts +2 lvls

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