Darker hearts - part 1

Posted Nov 19, 2023, 6:50:35 PM UTC

Haven gotten the ticket and dressed as warmly as Zerina could even tho it was still to cold outside. 
Seeing the big corviknights, that would carry each person to the location from the snowy area she was in now. She couldnt help but feel a bit unerved by the gaze of the ghost corviknight ontop the carriage she was lead to. 
Growler didnt much care for the bigger pokemon, he were just happy to get inside something. 

Recuirements meet
*ghost corviknight npc bonus +3 lvls
*trainer with a pokemon +5 lvls
300 cc in reward

100 points to zerina
growler would get around 7 lvls (sketched fb - soft shading - trainer bonus)
380 cc  

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