[TE Event] October 2023#1

Posted Oct 17, 2023, 4:36:00 PM UTC

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  • Oct 17, 2023, 5:30:10 PM UTC
    Random Encounter!!

    Looks to be some long standing tension between these two. Before anything could be said between these characters, they hear frightful screaming further in the maze! What do they do?

    Additional PP and HS will be rewarded if you choose to complete this prompt, as well as an additional item!
    • Oct 18, 2023, 9:13:41 AM UTC
      Art thumbnail
      Both Opto and Flash(forced to) go look out for the cause!

      1.5x HS Per Submission
      1.5x PP Per Submission (Character)
      1.5x PP Per Submission (Player)
  • Oct 17, 2023, 5:26:24 PM UTC
    173 PP and 173 HS added to your inventory.
    113 PP added to Flashfloat's inventory.
    113 PP added to Opto's inventory.





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