Coffee Shop

Posted Sep 11, 2023, 1:54:25 AM UTC

CHARACTERS: Aras, Istornim, Warren, Viiris, Aphra

There was a crime scene close to the coffee shop, a man was found dead with excessive blood loss and questionable bitemarks. Officer Donlo has a couple of questions to the nearby citizens about the specifics of their whereabouts and the details of their personal sightings. It is a rather unusual situation. And the only clue that he had is that it was potentially done by a very tall individual. Time of the crime happened past midnight and desperate cries were heard by the nearby citizens. This shop shuts at midnight, which made it most suspicious of them all. 


"So about this murder ..." Viiris took a seat close to the manager. Istornim was occupied with the dishes when he saw his familiar face. "Oh, I am sure it was a mere coincidence, officer. We can speak of the details after work."


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