Casual healing

Posted Sep 8, 2023, 8:01:27 PM UTC

CHARACTERS: Viiris Donlo, Istornim Baenrat'tar
Latent Element: Viiris' elemental ability converts itself to light magic rather than lightning (Sky), it expresses itself similarly to how his familiar healing abilities used to work from where he came. Which was holy magic. He is finally satisfied and relieved to see a similar effect to his magic usage, even if he is now limited to a single element and fewer abilities, in contrast how it used to be.

. . .
They entered the room for some privacy when the dark elf removed his shirt for Viiris to inspect the wound. Instead of simply standing, Istornim walked backward to where the bed was present, and made himself comfortable. He suggested the other to come and heal him onto the bed. Viiris who was rather shy about it decided to go with it and climbed onto the bed where his partner awaited him. He sat down close to him. Istornim gazed in the eyes of the other as the healing took place.

"Remember how you had saved me in the past? It seems like I am lucky to have you around." He placed his hand on Viiris' lower back. "Don't say things you might regret ..." Viiris interfered. The dark elf chuckled.

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  • Sep 8, 2023, 8:49:36 PM UTC
    I love Istornim’s expression hehehehe and the blushing
    as usual love it all!
    • Sep 8, 2023, 9:08:30 PM UTC
      Thanks, Paint! 🀍😊
      Istornim is simply too beautiful, it cannot be helped, haha
      (He isn't my creation, so it's safe to say this.)