I Can Fly!

Posted Sep 2, 2023, 5:47:43 AM UTC

Big strong man doesn't know left from right, up from down, or falling from flying. But he's trying! He swears! He's just never been very good with this magic. He has just always had someone else to handle the supernatural bits...God. Magic reminds him of what he's missing. The natural giving nature of magic...dashed away by painful memories. But he is trying. He swears. 

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Constructive Critique requested.

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  • Sep 7, 2023, 8:40:58 AM UTC
    Its always fun to have a character actually discover their new abilities and just being kinda clueless, well, as long as it isn't like excessive meta humor lol.

    For constructive criticism: I'd say the leg being raised up like that almost feels unnatural, but it still works. The other foot (left side) maybe should be towards POV more. I'm imagining he is kicking his leg up but it's also curled up on the other side- it feels like he could have a bit more twisting of upper body in a direction and it'd be a more 'natural' position of slight panic.
    A lot of people splay out when falling or kick legs, so I'm imagining that was essentially the takeaway from it, but if he's supposed to float a lil, a little upside down rotation like he is trying to orient himself better and is still adjusting would help out there, like a new acrobat or diver (but in the air).
    I think it still looks great, especially cuz it's not like it NEEDS to feel natural when magic or similar is involved. I'm basing my interpretation on the idea he can float or fly rather than just fall, so more like Gravity Rush/Gravity Daze powers.