i really hope blood magic counts as water...

Posted Aug 27, 2023, 5:24:12 PM UTC

Prompt #3 - Finding Yourself

After a long and difficult journey, your character finally succeeds. They can use their new element at will. Show your character using their new element. How do they feel about their new element? What do they use it for? Are they just as skilled in it already as they were with their old element or do they have a long way to go to improve themselves?


Since sky didn't work out, Dion is stuck having to fall back on his original attunement: Hemo. Or, in PaperDemon's system, water. Close enough, right? He doesn't love this arrangement, but it'll do for now. He mainly uses it for medical purposes, like making blood clot over a wound to act as a natural bandage, but has also found a few ways to use it in combat, like ripping a person's blood out of their body, or solidifying it into a makeshift weapon. It is a bit too gruesome for his liking, though, so he tries not to use it unless necessary.

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