sad boy hours

Posted Aug 27, 2023, 5:05:15 PM UTC

Prompt #2 - Training Montage

There are many paths to success. Show how your character changes their element. Do they seek out a mentor? Do they go searching for a magical item? Do they spend hours in the library researching? Do they train themselves by sheer force of will?


Dion kept trying to expand his magic abilities, but still nothing worked. He was just about to give up on magic entirely, when Xander sat him down and explained that while yes, anyone can learn any magic type, some people require a certain level of mastery over their natural attunement before being able to branch out in the way Dion was wanting. Dion was not happy to hear this, but it did mean he maybe had a chance. For now, he'd have to shift his focus to strengthening his existing powers, as much as he hates using them...

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