Vaya Character Profile

Posted Jun 3, 2023, 9:14:33 AM UTC
Character Name: Vaya
Character Age: 19
Character Species: Half-Elf
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Brief biography:
At a young age, Vaya was abducted from her family by an evil fae. It decided to raise her and eat her when she became older and had more meat on her bones. In the meantime, the fairy would have Vaya travel with it and bring it food. It would teach her basic things she would need to stay alive in the wilderness. Because of this, Vaya became a very adept survivalist and hunter. She would also often decieve others in order to lure them to the fairy, and has become a good talker who knows how to bargain and please her clients.
Growing up, Vaya saw the fae as a parental figure, but knew it would eventually eat her. When the day came, she managed to defeat it before it could kill her. She then ate its remains and now wears its skull as a trophy. Consuming the fae's flesh has cursed her, and she is often plagued with an insatiable hunger and homicidal thoughts.
Vaya currently works as a traveling mercenary, offering her monster-hunting skills via commission. She does her job quickly and efficiently, and has a good reputation among her previous clients.
Because she was raised so isolated from others, she is often tense around people and is not very sociable. She comes off as having a rough and intimidating demeanor, but is actually quite intimidated by people herself and confused with their morals and traditions. She can come off as very childish/new to the world and, like her fae parent, is a bit mischievous. She is a bit awkward and likes to work alone, although there have been times where she found the company of others comforting, and she deeply regrets she didn't have that comfort earlier in her life.
Vaya is a survivalist, and enjoys being out in the wilderness. She feels claustrophobic easily and would rather camp out in the open woods than stay at an inn. She enjoys wood carving and likes to create and polish her weapons herself. She rarely lets others touch her stuff.

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