Posted May 27, 2023, 1:09:46 AM UTC

Character Name: Ophelia (Princess Ophelia)

Character Age: 8 years old

Character Species: Phauroran (human)

Hair color: Straight brown hair, with blond curtain bangs, and blond underneath. Very long- goes down to her bottom.

Eye color: Golden yellow

Skin tone: Dark olive

Height: 4'0"

Themes: Butterfly and dragon



Ophelia is the youngest of three daughters of King Constantine. Last in the line to the throne, Ophelia grew up with less strict discipline rules, so she runs around misceiviously in her formal dress and her pretty shoes because they make her happy (Constantine had a second dress commissioned so this one could be her play outfit). Ophelia is full of energy, and wants to have fun, and get herself a battle cat called Scarface that she can "go to war" with. Growing up not focusing on Princess duties, but also a grand daughter of a war monger, her grandfather shaped a lot of her world views. No one knows if it's for the better or worse... time will tell where his influence takes her.

Gift art- I'm totally fine with anyone drawing Ophelia. Ophelia can be drawn in any way as long as she has her 2 toned, long straight hair, and golden eyes. I am not OK with this character being aged up for R18 art as I haven't got any plans for the future of her character and don't wish to be influenced. 

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