Maru Portrait

Posted May 26, 2023, 1:23:41 AM UTC

Character Name: Maru

Character Age: 26

Character Species: Wolf

Hair color: White

Left Eye color: White
Right Eye color: Red


As a young entrepreneur, Maru has dominated the fashion industry. Maru first got involved in the fashion world at around the age of 22. Prior to that she was a dancer known for her very long fluffy tail and grace. Maru started making clothes at first simply because she couldn't find any that fit her stature. She always had issues finding clothes that fit her due to her being 5 feet, 10 inches tall, as flat as a wooden plank, and having wide hips/thighs.   Since starting on her fashion journey she has acquired quite a bit of wealth. As her finiacnial gains increased, as did her ego. She's calm and caring, but she can come off as domineering and cold until she warms up to the person.

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