[Latent Element] The fall

Posted May 20, 2023, 1:25:15 PM UTC


Paper demon: Draw your character discovering their element/magic
Me: why yes... I think I will throw my character off a cliff

Story Time:

Feroxen, under normal circumstance, are excellent climbers. With the sticky beans in the center of their palms they can move up and down vertical surfaces much like a gecko would. However, non of this is very helpful when the ground literally gives way beneath your feet.
Orion was not having a great time this time around. She was on one of her gathering trips when one of the larger beasts in the area sent her fleeing. Unfortunately, she fled straight into a dead end, teetering on the edge of a cliff with a ratehr sheer and steep drop, 
As she turned around to quickly move away from it and flee into another direction, the edge of the cliff gave way underneath her feet. Her four arms desperately pinwheeling and reaching to try and save herself.
For a moment she teethered there, as though frozen in time. A single thought crossed her mind.

Oh.. I guess this is how I die

And then gravity took over and she felt her stomach drop as she fell, she tried to curl into a ball, as though that would save her from the impact that was surely to come.

Another thought crossed her mind

I don't want to die

As the thought passed her mind it was as though a dam inside her breached and something burst forth from her as her eyes flew open wide and her body forcefully uncurled itself. The wind howled in her ears and hit her in the back. 
By some miracle her fall slowed and she gently hit the ground. She lay there for a while, trying to comprehend why she wasn't dead.
What in the world had just happened?


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