Nio, Steel type Sizzlepede

Posted Apr 24, 2023, 8:54:12 AM UTC


Trainer:  (LINK SOON) Fera Birmingham

Species:  Sizzlepede Pokemon

Name: Niobium

Nickname/s: Nio, Slashypede

Gender: Male

Type(s): Steel


Nio is of a Bold or Impish nature (Yet to decide, want to look at movesets first) and likes sour things. He's a bit rash at times and tends to suffer from "Tiny Dog syndrome". He acts a lot bigger than he actually is, and is not afraid of battle, or just a plain fight. He's also happy to play pranks and can be a bit sarcastic. While difficult to work with at first he

is actually pretty friendly and does love to play and make friends.



  • He does like Nomel Berries and makes cute little chippers and trills when he eats them!

  • At this point, he is not skilled with the blade tail that he has. Eventually Iron Tail will be one of his best STAB moves.
  • Nio does like a good cuddle every once in a while, and often stays on his trainer's shoulders like a scarf or on their head as a hat.

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  • Fera Birmingham
  • Nyxon Pokymon Card
  • Nyxon's Talisman
  • Cloudchaser and Athena Feast Fletcher as witness
  • Nyxon


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