Posted Jun 28, 2022, 8:59:46 AM UTC

Character Name: Nyxon

Character Age: Unknown

Character Species: Galaxy Void

Hair color: N/A

Eye color: Usually white but can change due to extreme emotion.


Nyxon (yes, it's a pun) Is a galaxy void, usually they just refer to themselves as a Void person. Due to Voids not having reproductive organs they don't have genders or sexes. As for pronouns, They prefer He/Him they/them as his physical body resembles that of a humanoid male.

Nyxon doesn't know where he came from or how he was created. As far as he remembers he just... existed one day. Perhaps a bored god created him, perhaps he's a pattern screamer where all of his atoms just lined up among possibilities so expansve that it shouldn't ever happen. 

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  • Nio, Steel type Sizzlepede
  • Fera Birmingham
  • Nyxon Pokymon Card
  • Nyxon's Talisman
  • Cloudchaser and Athena Feast Fletcher as witness


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