A Friend Gained

Posted Apr 22, 2023, 6:27:36 PM UTC

   Now being harbored by Professor Golden Sage, Wildfire is much more free to go wherever she pleases. Even with this new freedom, she tends to stick to sneaking around at night, so she isn't spotted by her parents, or any guards that might be on the lookout for her. They reported her missing, after all. But in reality, she ran away after the raid and is now sheltered by the Professor while she prepares for emancipation.  

  The next night after the raid, she heads out at night to clean up the streets. Her habit of creeping through alleys is perfect to spot messes others may have overlooked. All is going well, until the sound of hoofsteps startles her. She freezes, hoping whoever it is was simply walking past the alley. After moments of tense silence, she casts a simple light spell to check her surroundings and continue with her task.
  But before her stands a little foal! Wildfire sighs with relief and the foal sighs along with her. 

“You scared me! What are you doing out this late?” The younger pony’s question was curious.

  “Cleaning up after the raid.” Fire nods to the pile of debris she’d gathered

  “Oh, me too! Wanna work together?”

  So the two became friends and bonded over their task. The other pony introduced themself as Nights Waste. As they talked, they pondered over the rumors of Rorrim Lake. Nights invited Fire to tag along with their group of friends for the expedition, and Fire readily agreed.

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