Evan's New Look

Posted Apr 11, 2023, 8:33:27 PM UTC

After the last round of the tournament,  Evan decided that his outfit just wasn't the best or most practical option. His coat got caught or almost got caught several times, each of which posed a risk to his life. His new outfit it similar to his old one but with a bit more safety in mind. The lack of a coat means it's no longer a catching hazard,  the sleeves of his top are removed for less restrictions to his arms (ribs were added to help with stability and shape to counter the lack of sleeves), and his pants were lengthened to better protect his legs. He added pouches that strap to his legs for storage and to keep the baggy material of his pants from becoming a danger.


How old is your character?: 19

What species is your character? Harpy

What is your character's hair color? Black

What is your character's eye color?: Yellow

Bio: Evan doesn't have most of his childhood memories, he was found and taken in by a human couple when he was around ten. At that time he had no memories of anything and so he was raised alongside their own children. The family lived in the woods surviving off the land through farming and hunting. Despite not being human like the rest of his family Evan grew to be quite close with his siblings. Evan was always interested in learning more about the world outside of their little home. Although he never gave much thought to his life before his family and what had happened. On his eighteenth birthday he decided it was time to fly the nest and explore the world. Despite leaving the nest he still makes sure to visit regularly.

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