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Short Description

Name: Harithirixen 'Hari'

Age: 142 (true Daraconic age) or 8 (in her Kobold apperance)

Race: Brass Dragon

Apperance: Kobold

Scale colour: Metalic brass yellow / Pale yellow markings

Eye: White/Pale yellow

Height: 2'10"

Weight: 45 lb

A Quick History

Harithirixen, better known simply as Hari, is my first DnD character. She was a Brass Dragon struggling in a territorial war against the Blue Dragon, Almixoth. Hari lost. Driven from her home she travelled the lands and eventually found her way into the strangeness of the Witchlight Carneval with its bizarre fey magic. It is said that many things go missing at the Witchlight Carneval. Hari was not exempt from this. Somehow robbed of her draconic ancestry, bloodline, power and form, Hari was transformed into the lowest of the low within the draconic hierarchy, a kobold. A mere servant. Although the memories of her true draconic self were mostly lost, she still holds a feeling that she has a greater power within her along with an important task she just can't quite recall. All she knows is something is missing in her life.


Fiery and determined. She learned to keep calm and have patience on her travels but sometimes the impulsive, hit-first-think-later comes out. She is a strong fighter with a very protective style, always opting to use a shield, even if that means forgoing a basic offensive weapon. In her downtime from adventuring, she enjoys theatre, music and dance or just general conversation with whoever is around. She has an appreciation for expensive well-tailored clothing and not forgetting she is a dragon, she has a deep desire to horde treasure, specifically magical artefacts of a sentient nature.

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