Posted Sep 3, 2022, 4:17:25 AM UTC

So, when Juniper met Aspen, they did what came naturally: they sat for a portrait. Because selfies, that's why. 

I tried something new with this - I tried to get the values and saturations right from the photo references, but I changed up the hues almost at random to see what the outcome would be. I'm pleased with it - I only blended the resulting hues together somewhat and gave them a bit of a peachy overlayer later. This is another side-by-side grid study I did from a photo reference. I had my husband take two photos of me - one standing, one sitting. Then I created a grid over the photo and a grid over the canvas, flipped them both upside down, and blocked in the values of the figures. Then I went in and played with the hues. Then I flipped it right side up and did some tweaking. 

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  • Sep 3, 2022, 7:02:07 AM UTC
    You did a really nice job with the lighting! I have a lot of difficulty comprehending all of the weird colors shadows can make depending on the environment.
    • Sep 3, 2022, 2:50:38 PM UTC
      Thank you! And you're right - color is so fascinatingly weird. I think it helped that I wasn't paying attention to hue at all, except in the dresses.



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