Separate Ways

Posted Jul 9, 2022, 8:08:00 PM UTC

Inspired by this song - Link - Specifically that version.


Richard eventually manages to get enough corrupted shards to combine them into the power of one crystal. It took a lot of effort, blood, sweat, tears, and near-death experiences, but he did it. His ambitions are to find the prophecised "otherworldly being" and destroy it, taking its place as the leader of change for a new world. In order to do so, he needs to find a way to have power that rivals the powers of this being, which is akin to that of corruption, which hasn't been fully realized as to how powerful and diverse its affects are, even in such an advanced world of the time. Richard, once he touches the crystal without the protection of barriers and blockades preventing skin contact for the first time, nearly loses all senses he posesses to the corruption. It overtakes him, imbedding itself through his body and deep into his chest, where it festers and begins to overtake his heart and insides. Once the deed is done, Richard manages to regain his control, but everything about him is changed, even down to the way he walks. His scars glow anew, occasionally oozing a nasty red substance from the opened crevices. His feathers have been darkened, and a faint, pulsing glow can be seen through his skin and feathers. His mind is sicker than ever, with only one goal in mind; kill. Kill this power, anyone who gets in his way, and eventually the entire world's population in hopes of renewing the world, starting fresh with a new order.






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