Shikun Boss Battle against Slime Beast 2 (FEAR)

Posted Oct 8, 2021, 3:21:04 PM UTC

The Slime Beast change form, this time into an image that strike fear into Shikun heart. All her life, there been one things that scare her the most...HUNGER. To starve and to go hungry. Why she spend most of her money helping to feed the homeless and the street trash who go without food some her Hunger is the WORST evil in the world and now she see a manifestation of that Evil in a creature who look so starve it hallow on the inside. Skin and Bones and cover in filth as it reach it claws hands for her, Bellowing at the sound it gutter voice make as Shikun mind filled with such image and emotion of fear, pity, and hatred for the beast. Demon, Monster, the typical evil and ugly beings, she was Prepare for, These are the things that is basic in understanding what to fear and hate, but this awaken in her a new found drive to destroy this Slime Beast, flood of emotion like mixing Fluid of Pure Fear with Determination and Anger...she will destroy this monster, she will end it, and she will end this nightmare of a battle...or she will be food for the damnable beast...

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  • Oct 9, 2021, 9:13:48 PM UTC
    I love the description you included with your nice artwork.
    • Oct 10, 2021, 8:20:07 PM UTC
      Thank you, for a long time I figure most folks do not read those, just look at the pretty art and move on, but I would feel cheap if I did not paint the scene for those who was at least curious. So I am glad you at least enjoy it Smile at least one person read it, it was worth the extra time to put it up.




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