Good boy

Posted Sep 6, 2021, 3:33:33 AM UTC

Phoenix encounters a sundog in his journey, and befriends the beast for a brief moment before it goes off to stalk the twilight.

I based this sundog off an uncropped Doberman :)

Prompt #3 - Sundog

Evolution in the twilight realm is sped by the magic remnants of the cataclysm that stopped the planet’s revolution. The creatures of the world swiftly adapted to the new environment over the centuries. One such beast is the sundog, a strain of swift, predatory hounds that spend hours lounging on the edge of the twilight realm, soaking in the blazing sunlight of the sun side of the planet. They then venture across the twilight realm to the land of darkness to hunt their prey, bringing their sun-drenched coats to light the way with an ethereal glow that keeps them warm in the darkness. Show your character encountering a sundog. Your piece must include your character, a sundog, and your depiction of the twilight world.

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  • Sep 8, 2021, 6:37:54 PM UTC
    Leaving the characters dark was an excellent choice, the scenery is breath taking! I love the shooting stars and the clouds.
    • Sep 11, 2021, 11:47:34 PM UTC
      Thank you! I think Eventide is a very beautiful and tragic sounding world, and I've been trying to get use to drawing more backgrounds. I was worried that a silhouette was going to be a lazy answer as drawing the silhouette didn't take long, but getting the shape right was hard, and lighting it up in a way that didn't remove the silhouette, but make it look like it belonged there was a challenge- I learn a lot from this picture!
  • Sep 7, 2021, 6:38:53 PM UTC




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