The Wraith's Lament - Ch4 - Storm and Fury

Posted Aug 13, 2021, 3:53:17 AM UTC

Sharona and Ilyse adopt hit-and-run tactics, while Angelo unfortunately met with a very wet landing after being knocked out of the air by Mayhem. Maitherki had had the misfortune to have been at the docks when the attack started, and decided to temporarily pair up with the white stryx - it's easier to shoot things if you can get high enough to keep them from jumping you. As Ilyse prepares to electrocute the corrupted rhakos, Sharona casts a binding spell to prevent Mayhem from beinging a random bystander to an unfortunate end.

Collaboration with IceDragonQueen22 - she did the sketch and lines, I did the rest.

Also counts as gift art of Angelo for TopHatGoat.

Ilyse, Sharona, and Maitherki belong to me. Angelo belongs to TopHatGoat. Mayhem belongs to DracoStryx. The person on the ground in front of Mayhem is just some random, no-one special.


Ilyse 12767

Angelo 6118

Mayhem 13010

AP Breakdown:


Fullbody: +5 AP

Colour: +4 AP

Shaded: +4 AP

Background: +5 AP

Event: +4 AP

Biorhythm: +3 AP

Personal/Collaboration: +3 AP

Extra Stryx (Mayhem, Angelo): +3 AP

Rider (Sharona): +5 AP


Total: 36 AP


Fullbody: +5 AP

Colour: +4 AP

Shaded: +4 AP

Background: +5 AP

Extra Stryx (Ilyse, Mayhem): +3 AP

Rider (Maitherki): +5 AP


Total: 26 AP

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