Commissions: Uhhh, ask? I'm not the most reliable of people and am not convinced anyone would want to commission me to begin with.

Trades: Case by Case. Again, I'm not the most reliable of people.

Collaborations: Varies. I cannot sketch and require an extremely clean sketch if I am to line. I'm very open to collaborations, but you must be the one to bring in the sketching skills.

Requests: Open, though don't expect anything to be done very quickly. If I'm quick, it's because I'm inspired.

Roleplay: Case by Case. I'm extremely picky, because between my Dyslexia and unreliable muse, I require someone to have pretty good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, or the rp will die fast because I won't be able to understand your posts. Also be willing to deal with long periods of nothing from me, because there's times where I just...can't gather the wherewithal to write. I...also need to really care about the characters you want to bring to the table, or I won't be able to really think of anything.

Gifts for Me: There are characters I don't want literature of that's not written by me, but there are plenty of characters I'm fine with receiving both literature and art for. I'll eventually have links to the characters that fall into either category. (Any Stryx of mine I'll always be glad to have art of~)

Characters for Sale/Trade: Nothing, currently.

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  • Cover for Training I - Learning to Trust

    Training I - Learning to Trust

    Trust is hard. Trust when you've had it abused before is harder. But when trust becomes a prerequisite for something you want, it is a challenge that can be surmounted. (Dracostryx lit. training entry.)

  • Cover for Yet Another Realm

    Yet Another Realm

    Faladir, Ipala, Devromos and Gaël choose to explore a new world. Ravyne, Zerisint, and Vyxréth are unsure what to make of the newcomers. (Literature for Drakiri ARPG and Gaia's Kijikaiaku.)

  • Cover for Explosive Impact

    Explosive Impact

    After an unpleasant interruption to his day, Sargatanas finds himself playing temporary guide to a superior from home. (Literature for Drakiri ARPG.)

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