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Posted Jul 16, 2014, 1:16:42 AM UTC

:music:Don't juddgge meeeeeeeee xP:music:

Hehehe, alright!  So, I tried out a new style of shading.  Instead of going through and picking out darker shades of the base colors, I used a darkish, pale purple color to shade the entire thing, and set it to multiply.  I did a tiny bit of highlighting, but it was difficult for me to make it look right.  The characters also ended up looking much darker than I intended because of the angle I chose for lighting.

The background is random.  It wasn't the focus, obviously.  And due to this particular picture being cats, I had some trouble making the fur look legit because I have no way of using pen pressure.  I did this all with a mouse (aside from the drawing itself), and I'm sure other people can do better than this with a mouse, but I'm aware of my current limits. :lol:

SO!  Can I has critique? =3 Seriously, even if this looks awesome to you (which I really appreciate if you do like it :heart:), I would love to hear some tips on how I can improve my shading, textures, and lighting direction.

I will give credit to this tutorial by TamberElla on dA for giving me many tips already with this tutorial. I admit I mostly used the "erase-away" shading technique, but I have been using this for quite awhile now, so I've already adopted it in my own shading style.  I'm just looking to improve the best I can. :D

I hope you all like it! <3
#Fluffyisnowactuallyfluffy #Itagmegafluffy.


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