X-men: Revival: Dangers

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The world, as ever was divided, is coming to a head once more, after a long dwindle in the age of mutants, from the minds of those who still remember their numbers and their existence among humans. However, seemingly in a flash, suddenly there's been rampant reappearances of the ones of old, with no memory of the occurrence in the years since their disappearances. It has been decades. It is as if those who were once gone have been restored and even those who were not involved, suspect nothing, despite the changed, evolved world around them. It is as if time and memory have been manipulated. But by who and why?
out blinding her as the area changed.

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Chapter 5: Dangers

The group soon traveled to Muir Island explaining what it was to Ellie. The Mutant Research Center was founded by Dr. Moira Mac Taggert, a longtime friend of Charles Xavier and the X men, as well as the home of Forge, one of the unique members of the X men. Many other mutants as well live on the island at the center. The remaining mutants there have sworn off anything to do with the war between mutants and humans and as such the ground itself is considered a non-violent place. Neither humans, Nor mutants are allowed to fight on these grounds and those who do, are ousted by both sides. In time, it has also become grounds for the first Human, Mutant Research Center, somewhere on the opposite side of the island. The X Jet arrived soon on the runaway where the doctor awaited them.

the group walked out with Professor X smiling at Moira as he approached Professor X: Moira, it has been some time.

She smiled looking at him as her Scottish accent was apparent in her words Moira: what have ya gone and brought to my island now Charles, ya look like ya have been through the wash too long.

Professor X nodded Professor X: it has been a tiring time.. I'm sure you have seen the news.

She nodded Moira: an who hasn't? Have ya gone and blown up more things? Don't ya know this is a rough time for us all?

Professor X nodded Professor: yes.. but what I am about to tell you... you may want to sit down..

She blinked Moira: ..I don't like the sound of that.. let's go then..

After a bit of time, the group gathered in the main room with Moira and explained all that happened. She looked surprised and shook her head in amazement Moira: ...ya are blowing my mind...you mean this little one here has that much power in her? She pointed to Ellie do ya know what she could do for my research? think of what she could do for mutants in gen... ah.. I'm getting ahead of myself..

Professor X shook his head Professor X: Ellie has been kind enough to help us all she can.. but now we have to help her. There are so many after her and the others. Nalm, the one I spoke about, is a part of this Life Trinity as well. Do you know anything about this other mutant?

Moira crossed her arms looking at him with a huff Moira: are ya seriously askin' me if I know anything? do you think I just take in anyone who comes at my door? because you right.

Professor X blinked Professor X: are you saying.. you know about her?

She nodded Moira: Only because of what Forge found out.. Do you remember that Sentinel head we got here? seems like it had a list of objectives before it was smashed ta bits.

Ellie blinked. "What kind of objectives?"

She typed on a keyboard in front of her bringing a view screen of Forge up. He looked at them with a nod Forge: hello my friends. I'll explain a few things for now. Ask for where I am, I'm on the other side of the island.. just away from things. Moira wouldn't let me keep the sentinel head in the research center so I made a bit of an outdoor lab... ah but I'm getting sidetracked.. it looks like the sentinel had been reprogrammed by a certain task force to capture three mutants, it only succeeded in getting one though.. before someone destroyed it.

Professor X looked to him Professor X: the three of them must have been the ones that it was searching for, but Sentinels were all destroyed a long time ago by both sides in an effort to stop a distant future. How was it one was still even functioning if the master sentinel was destroyed?

Forge nodded Forge: usually it would have been destroyed like all the others.. but this one... it is different.. it came from a future world.

Cyclops blinked Cyclops: what?

Storm shook her head Storm: how is that.. possible?

Ellie took a guess. "A different future then? Or one of what might happen?"

Forge shrugged Forge: wish I could tell you, most of its memories were destroyed before it was handed over to me.. think M.I.N.C.E did that work. Still they couldn't destroy the black box in this thing. I was able to open a bit of it so far.. and what I found out.. scares me.

Ellie looked to him , curious of this. "What did you find out?"

Forge nodded Forge: Three targets. Nal'im Sabah Nur. "Ellie" and Cristina Mallori.

The group shivered as Storm shook her head Storm: those names..

Wolverine growled Wolverine: Wait a moment.. Sabah Nur... ain't that Apocalypse?!..

Forge waved his hand Forge: before you jump to conclusions.. allow me to continue. These three have different birth timelines... but they all converge in our time.. meaning.. someone brought all three of them here.

Ellie stared at him in surprise. "But who...?"

He shook his head Forge: that's what I'm trying to find out now.. but I know a few more of its objectives. Looks like it was given three different orders too. One from this timeline, one from another, and one from a final timeline that seems to not have happened.

Cyclops shook his head Cyclops: this isn't making sense..

the group stayed silent as Professor X looked at him Professor X: do you know what its' orders were?

Forge nodded Forge: I've got that now. Looks like the first-ever order was for it to travel back in time through a "rift" in an Antarctic base where it was created.. to be specific, the time of Ancient Egypt.. a time when Apocalypse ruled. There it was given an order by the man himself to travel to the present and find this "Life Trinity". The last order seems to be on a timer.. it still functions even though this thing is scrap.. in fact, its made from some highly advanced technology that even I can't seem to crack..

Moira blinked Moira: A timer?

Forge nodded. Forge: Allow me to be a bit more precise. Looks like all three objectives were locked to a time and place and only activated in the sentinel when it was ready. The first two objectives became active but the final one is set for... "Center of the world, Yggdrasil. Time ten days and counting down".

Professor X thought for a moment Professor X: the Center of the world, Yggdrasil, is something of a myth. Still, the timer worries me as well.. Forge, is there any sign that the Sentinel has advanced technology as well?

Forge shook his head Forge: it's strange you said that.. its made of three different materials, all found at three different times. The layer of metals around it was made of proto-sentinel armor. It is inferior to every sentinel of this age, but the interior was made from metals of this age, modern sentinel stuff. Finally seems the core was made of that same material that even I can't describe. Future Tech, I suppose.

Professor X shook his head Professor  X: it seems it was made by each user.. specifically for the timelines it would go through.. it may even become active after the ten days..

Forge nodded Forge: my theory exactly, professor.

Moira growled Moira: then what are you waiting for, get it off my island! send it to its watery grave!

Forge nodded Forge: any time, id love to destroy this thing and make a desk from its materials.. but recently seems that little black box has been getting active.. he displayed an interior image of the head. From the main core at the top of the head, dark vine-like wires seemed to be growing deep into the ground preventing the head from being moved. Juggernaught and Colossus could try and pull this thing off but it wouldn't move an inch. Whatever it's doing it is not gonna move.. but that's not what worries me.. it absorbs materials from the ground and rebuilds itself using dirt, rock, water, plants, everything around it.

the group looked on shocked. Wolverine shook his head Wolverine:  aint never heard of a sentinel made of a Green Giant.

Forge nodded Forge: seems that the black box was made to build whatever was broken. No matter what material. It's closer to one technology we have seen and only ONCE in a lifetime. The Phalanx.

the group grew silent but had serious expressions. Moria growled Moria: what are ya thinking! how could ya let something like THAT here forge!

Ellie blinked. "What is the Phalanx?"

Professor X explained to her Professor X: The Phalanx was a techno-organic race bent on conquering worlds. They once invaded the earth to do so but thanks to a group of X-men, Magneto, and many more mutants as well as Phalanx rebels who believe in peace than conquering, we were able to stop them. If they had not suffered infighting, no one may have been here today.

Forge nodded Forge: thanks to Warlock, a friend, and member of their race, we were able to gain a big advantage and turn their techno-organic advancements against them.. but as i said.. this is more of a fusion between that and other things.. I can't even begin to analyze it. All I know is its rebuilding the Sentinel into a new form of sentinel that I've never seen before. The code inside this thing is rapidly multiplying like blood cells and its not stopping. It will be active on the tenth day and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Professor X nodded Professor X: ..hm well for now we at least have a name.. its something we can use to find her. Cristina Mallori.

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: Mystique also called her "Soultouch".

Forge looked to them Forge: if you give me a bit of time, i can at least find the last known locations of where this "Soultouch" was. We may be able to track where she may be.

Wolverine shook his head Wolverine: Ain't she in Genosha, makes sense for Sinister to put her in a place no one can reach her but him.

Professor X shook his head Professor X: I'm not so sure Sinister can take her himself. More than that I'm not completely sure he has a hold of her.. there's another party involved in this... but I don't know who..

Jean looked at him Jean: is that why you think we should go to the Astral Plane professor?

Moira blinked Moira: Charles?! Are ya insane!? Don't ya know who is there?!

Professor X nodded Professor X: I'm well aware of the Shadow King, but if we can save this child, we may be able to save everyone.

Moira shook her head Moira: the Shadow King won't care what you want, once he has ya trapped in the Astral plane, you'll be nothin but a pawn of his, yer body will die or worse be taken by him! Do ya want to invite a bigger danger in this world?!

Professor X shook his head looking to her Professor X: Moira... all I can do.. is ask you to trust me. I swear to you.. even if it costs my life, I will never let the shadow king step foot on this land ever again.

Moira closed her eyes Moira: Charles.. id love ta trust ya.. but you've done some hair-brained risks that even id not do! if ya go then you'll go with her.

Professor X blinked Professor X: who.. did you have in mind..

soon the door opened as a woman walked in ???: Me.. Charles Xavier.

Jean growled as the others glared. She smiled standing beside Moira Jean: Emma Frost..

Wolverine snarled Wolverine: what's she doin here!

She smirked Emma: Nice to see you all again, as well.

Professor X nodded Professor X: she has your trust, Moira?

Moira nodded Moira: she's a changed woman, Charles, she's helped many on the island. She's done more than even I could ask for.

Cyclops shook his head Cyclops: she is the main reason so many of the X-Men died! or have you forgotten?

Emma nodded Emma: I haven't forgotten Scott.. everyone I got killed during the attack on Genosha, everyone who died attacking the White House.. all the mutants that were brutally murdered when I sided with Magneto over the X men.. I will never forget their faces. They are burned into my memories like scars on my skin.

the group stayed silent. Moira nodded Moira: as I said, she has taken a role as a counselor and helps many mutants learn to adjust to their powers. She even saved my son..

Professor X blinked Professor X: David..

She nodded Moira: he's learning much from her, Charles. He even kept himself stable for some time. He will still need much time to control his full powers.. but he is learning well.
Cyclops growled Cyclops: this woman made clones of Jean to control the Phoenix to her will! She sided with Magneto to strike against all we stood for, she even gave every bit of info from Cerebro to the Xtermination Faction! the one faction at the time that grew in power and only wanted to destroy mutants.

Emma nodded Emma: Im aware of all my actions and I won't stop trying to make them right. If I can save the world from such things happening again then, please.. I beg of you.. all of you X Men.. please let me help you. she closed her eyes ..I accept I will never be forgiven.. and I'll die and be sent to the depths of the underworld with that pain.. but right now.. please I want to help! She looked sadly I don't want anymore to die.

Moira nodded Moira: I'm sorry Charles, but I won't allow you to use the gate to the Astral Plane until you promise me to take her with you.

Professor X nodded Professor X: then... against my better judgment.. I will accept those terms.

Cyclops growled and walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. Jean followed after him worried.

Wolverine looked to the Professor. Wolverine: Hope you know what your doin Chuck. She aint called the White Witch for nothin.

Emma sighed Emma: it was White Queen.. but i'll accept that Wolverine.

Wolverine huffed and walked out of the room next.

now only Storm, Emma and Moira were left. Moira looked to the professor Moira: where's the rest of the team Charles?

Professor X nodded Professor X: they already went ahead to their objectives. At the moment, Gambit is infiltrating M.I.N.C.E Headquarters. Colossus seems to have went ahead to find answers by himself. Beast and Nightcrawler are looking for leads on Deadpools last whereabouts as well.

Emma looked to him Emma: seems everyone has a task, by the way, who is this little one? She looked to Ellie.

Ellie spoke up, feeling somewhat awkward after the tension. "My name is Ellie."

She nodded Emma: Ellie? it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Emma. she held out her hand.

Ellie gripped it gently and shook her hand, but pulled away quickly after. "Nice to meet you, Emma."

She smiled. the Professor looked to Storm Professor: Storm, would you be so kind to show Ellie her new quarters on the island?

Storm nodded Storm: gladly professor, shall we go Ellie? She stood up and walked to the door.

"Ah, sure." She followed after her towards the door.

Emma watched as the two left and took a seat at the table. Ellie followed Storm to a small room at the end of a hallway. It was different from her dorm at the X mansion, in fact it was more of a small apartment like the one she had before, it even included a stuffed fridge and bathroom with all items included. Storm looked to her Storm: seems Forge was able to keep his promise after all. These rooms used to be nothing but a bed.

Ellie blinked, looking over at her. "This feels a bit weird.. to be honest. After everything that's been happening so far.."

Storm blinked Storm: situations like this are common with us.. but I can understand how it would be difficult for you. Maybe now you can at least take time to gather your thoughts.

She nodded. "That makes sense.. You all seemed kind of used to things like this."

Storm nodded Storm: im afraid though that is a sad revelation. I only hope you do not feel too ill for us putting you in this position.

She shook her head. "Why would I? It's not like you all made the events happen that led up to this, you were just reacting to it. You also helped protect us! Me included too! Besides, it's kind of.. nice in a way to be around folks not afraid or nervous because me of having abilities." 

Storm smiled a bit Storm: that's comforting to hear, more than you know. she shook her head sometimes I wonder if we truly are helping mutant kind.. or harming them just by finding them.

Ellie thought on this a moment. "It's worse to not be found.. because then you feel like you are facing everything alone."

Storm closed her eyes Storm: you are right. Maybe some of Mystique's words are affecting me. With all that has happened, I can only wonder though.. how much do you remember of your past?

Ellie shivered but muttered a little bitterly. "Enough to know it's in pieces.."

Storm nodded Storm: I see. I hope it is not too hard on you though. If you ever want to talk about what you know, I'm here for you. She smiled Although right now I suppose I should figure out where I'm staying as well she chuckled a bit.

Ellie nodded. "Thank you."

Storm left while Ellie began to put away her things. Soon after a knock was heard at the door.

Ellie made her way over to it, opening the door to figure out who was there.

on the other side, Cyclops looked at her with a bit of a serious look Cyclops: Ellie. I want to say that with all that has happened, you can go where you want and be free but with everything that has happened we both know it won't be safe for you. Listen, if you wouldn't mind, i'd like to have Jean teach you in training for a while. I'm going.. out for a bit.

Ellie blinked, looking at him surprised. "I wouldn't know where to begin to go.. for now.. and I don't mind. Am I allowed to ask about where you're going? Does it have to do with the mission? But I don't think she'll have time, since she's going with the professor, right?"

Cyclops nodded Cyclops: Jean will have to watch over everyone here, he growled that woman and the professor are going into the Astral plane. The Professor trust her but I will never trust someone like her. he shook his head at any rate, ive got to find someone, a family of mine. He may know about the other party involved in all this. Jean will take care of your training for you and Forge may be able to help you as well. he pointed to his visor it was him that gave me this. he smiled I can trust you on keeping this a secret for now right? Everyone else could be manipulated by that witch, but you are not easily fooled.

Ellie nodded. "You can trust me. Besides, who would I tell?" She thought for a moment. "Have you talked to Jean about the training and all this? She looked worried about you too.."

He shook his head Cyclops: no, but I'm sure Jean will be able to take care of it. After all, I do trust her. he turned away a bit ..right now.. something doesn't add up.. and if im right.. the real snake is still hidden somewhere.. but he can't escape my eyes. he looked at her alright'm off. Take care and remember, your powers are your ally, not your enemy. They will always be there to help you, they are you. Just remember that. he smiled and started to walk away.

Ellie blinked but closed the door behind herself, and started off down the hallways, trying to make her way back towards the meeting room, to search out Jean, hoping to find her near there.

Beast saw her and walked over giving a nod Beast: Ellie? Were you looking for someone?

She nodded. "Ah, yes! I was trying to find Jean...actually. I was hoping she might be able to help me train."

Beast blinked Beast: Jean? yes, she is in the study at the moment he pointed down the hall to a room at the side

She smiled and nodded. "Thank you!" She gave a small wave and started off to the direction he'd motioned towards, going to the room.

at the edge of the room, Jean was searching the books and looking around. She looked to the doorway and nodded Jean: Ellie? come in.

Ellie made her way into the room but was curious of what Jean was looking for. "Ah..Did I catch you at a bad time?"

She shook her head Jean: not at all, in fact you might be able to help me for the moment.. there was supposed to be a book about Egyptian Pharaohs in here.. somewhere..

Ellie nodded and started to search the shelf closest to where she was, starting to look for it. "I'll try to help find it."

several books were similar but most were on different subjects. Soon an old book that had tears in it caught her attention.

She blinked, noticing it, but pulled at the old book, tugging it free gently and opening it to check.

the book was titled "Kings of Egypt". Jean nodded looking at it Jean: yes that's the one. It's pretty old but something tells me it's what we need right now.. ive also been having this feeling ever since Nalm disappeared.. it's usually not good.. but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Ellie looked over at her. "What kind of feeling? and, what are you hoping it will have in it?"

she carefully took the book and placed it on the desk opening it and began to search through it Jean: well I know it will have information about those who ruled Egypt, even the mutants who did.. but there's one thing I'm worried for. Ever since Nalm disappeared I felt like there was a shift in the world.. something in the past changed a few things here.. she blinked stopping and.. I was right.. she pointed to a small passage and read "after the fall of the old Pharaoh because of his godly status in the world, En Sabah Nur had been worshiped as a deity over the years and ruled ancient Egypt. In time his powers began to wane though and he was put to sleep in his resting chamber.." we know all that.. but this right here worries me. "before he could reawaken, his son Nal'im Sabah Nur used the Timeless Dagger to pierce his heart and keep him in sealed. He then ordered his tomb buried and destroyed while he himself vanished, giving the rule to the human that would be Akhenaten.." She shook her head Nalm.. could he have changed the past?

Ellie blinked. "Yes, I think so.. But why would he want to?"

Jean shook her head Jean: Apocalypse was one of the X-men's greatest foes, but we defeated him.. all the memories of what he did are still with us.. this world hasn't changed.. but this says he has still sealed away in Egypt.. somehow either our memories were changed, or Nalm made two of them.. ask for why.. I don't know.. I've heard that some people would manipulate the past to suit their purpose.. but Nalm doesn't seem like a person that would.

Ellie thought on this for a moment. "Wait! What if this book isn't from our timeline? Forge said the three of us were brought here from different ones right? Isn't it possible objects were as well?"

She blinked Jean: that... that could be true.. then Nalm is from a different timeline yes.. but this book.. maybe he is making changes to help us or find him.. wait.. she looked through the book ... there's.. a place where they buried a man who was considered the "scion of Apocalypse"..the man apparently made his own kingdom after Egypt was destroyed in the southern deserts of Africa. The place is called. "Akhnthoth" the "Ghost of Time".

Ellie looked to her. "That might be where he ended up then! We could try to find him!"

Jean waved her hands Jean: hold on now, we have to search many places already. Besides we need to think about this first.

A voice called out to them ???: Mon Cher! Maybe I can help you two out no?

Jean looked seeing Gambit smiling to them Jean: Gambit? I thought you were at the M.I.N.C.E base.. wait.. your not Gambit.. who are you?

He waved his hands ???: at ease ladies, I thought id try my new invention.. he pressed a button on his wrist and began to transform into Forge. He smiled looking to them impressed.

Jean blinked Jean: Forge? what.. was that? I was sure you were Gambit.. but then i remembered he was on a mission.

Forge nodded Forge: it's thanks to a new technology I built. The Genestrider. It has the ability to transform into any mutant in its database, I can't fully get used out of it though, but maybe you can help me Ellie and I can help you.

Ellie looked to him curiously. "Help you how?"

He smiled Forge: I have a bit of a basic handling on what your powers are thanks to Beast and the professor telling me a bit on it.. seems like you use plasma inside your body to channel bioelectric energies into your blood and manipulate your platelet growth, as well as your white blood cells to channel more focused energies into them.
Jean shook her head Jean: meaning her blood is able to change and be used in any form she wants.

Forge nodded Forge: ah... well yes.

Ellie blinked but gave a nod. "If you are asking about that.. then I'll just confirm what you likely already suspect. I can change it into any blood type. My blood is compatible with them all."

Forge blinked Forge: Fascinating.. you really are a marvel among mutants.. still id like to run a few tests to see how far you can go.. and it may be what i need to finish the Genestrider.


Jean looked to him Jean: what kind of tests?


Forge shook his head Forge: now now, its mostly combat tests. She can fight a few machines can't she?

Ellie shook her head. "I don't have any luck against machines.. I only had luck against Omega red, because the robot was simulating blood in his body."

He nodded Forge: the Danger room in the X mansion has fully simulated holo robots.. he scratched his chin yeah... that would be a problem.. but it wont be for you. Tell you what, ill give you the prototype Genestrider to wear for the tests. That way i can gather data from the GS and you.

Ellie blinked. "What exactly will it do, during the tests?"

He nodded Forge: the GS prototype is designed to use bioelectric energy to change into any mutant its programmed to, its a bit of a hassle because based on how much you give it, it will give you a more powerful mutant, that and since its only using bioenergy it doesn't sync well with mutants who are not easily able to output the type. For instance, it lets me change into a gambit, but i cannot reach sufficient charge to use his mutant powers. The glove gives me data on what i can do, but there's little i can do about that.

Jean nodded Jean: so in short the glove itself is designed to give you information on what to adjust and change.

Forge nodded Forge: which ill add to the main GS've built.

Ellie shook her head. "I can see how it would help you.. But if it can learn to adjust to what I can do, and replicate that, then it won't be me there after, but your glove then..since it would allow anyone to be able to do the same.."

He shook his head Forge: maybe I wasn't clear, there are NO mutants who can generate the amount of bioelectricity that you do. Your own energy powers the glove and makes it change to your will. The prototype is built to use that energy, but the final version will incorporate a direct link. I just need to figure out how to adjust the final version based on your energy. he smiled I have a bit of the data from your battle with the Omega Red bot.. it tracked your energy charge through you.. normal humans can produce a hundred watts of power over time, some sit in between three hundred, but mutants have a range of five hundred to two thousand.. you, however, had eight hundred million as a base.

She stared at him in open surprise. "W- What?"

Jean blinked Jean: thats enough energy to power a small city block!

Forge nodded Forge: and that is only what it was able to read on the outside.. i have a feeling direct energy in your blood produces fifteen times that and more.

Jean blinked Jean: all that energy reminds me of Proteus..

Forge nodded Forge: Proteus doesn't even come close.. his bioenergy is high, at least three million and his body could not sustain itself.. she however can.

Jean looked to Ellie Jean: Proteus is Moira's son, his body generates enough power to warp reality, it works in tandem with his psionic energy powers. He is an omega-level mutant. He is also kept here.

Ellie blinked. "If my bioenergy is higher then an omega level's...what does that make me?"

Jean and Forge hesitated to answer. Jean shook her head Jean: it just makes you unique. Still, I'm wondering what you want to do. Forge's inventions have helped many mutants in the past, more than that it could be the key to helping you defend yourself. I think if anything we should have some way to make sure we're safe if we're going to go to Akhnthoth.

Ellie nodded, but took a moment to think, before answering. "I'll wear the glove. It's worth it to learn more and it might help. "

He smiled Forge: im glad to hear it. When you are ready we can meet in the practice hall. Im sure you know the way Jean. he nodded ill see you soon. with that he left down the hallway

Jean closed her eyes Jean: as long as you are sure about this Ellie..?

Ellie looked to her. "I'm not sure about anything. But I do know I want to go to Akhnthoth..and if this can help with defending, or helping with anything else, then I just hope it's worth it.."

she shook her head Jean: you're that worried about him I see.. but you should be careful. Even if we meet Nalm.. he may be someone different. Its been over a thousand years since then.. and there's no telling what could have happened to him since then.

Ellie nodded. "If you give up on someone just because they've gone through a lot, though..did you really care about them then in the first place enough for it to matter or be important enough to make a difference?"

Jean nodded Jean: your right. I know that full well. Then if you're determined, I will stay with you and help wherever I can. When you're ready we can go to the testing grounds.

Ellie smiled. "I'm ready..and thank you."

she nodded Jean: not at all, im glad to help Ellie. Well then let's go. She started off down the hallway with Ellie following.

they soon came to a large door at the back. on a shelf at the side was a pair of gloves next to them. On speaker, Forge spoke to them Forge: the GS prototype is a two-pair, it should be a perfect fit for you. Try it out.

Ellie picked them up, sliding them onto both of her hands and slipping her fingers inside, giving them a few test wiggles.

the gloves gave a low hum as she put them on indicating they were active. A number came up on the top of the gloves saying zero percent output. Next the doors opened in front of them revealing a high-tech room. Forge's voice spoke once more Forge: the indicator display on the top of the gloves show how much percent output you are putting into it currently. Looks like all the signals from the gloves are coming through well enough too. So then.. are you ready to step inside and give it a shot?

She nodded, stepping into the room, after sighing a small breath out of a bit of nervousness. "I'm ready."

the doors soon closed behind them. Jean transformed into her battle costume and readied herself as well. Forge then spoke Forge: alright. for the first test we will try a simple robot. Standard position, no attack. I will have you focus on generating output. Take it slow though.

Ellie focused on drawing her energies into her hands, sending it coursing through her fingers and pooling into her palms.

the gloves shifted color to red from blue and a charge slowly went up on the indicator. Her charge was at seven percent and rising. Forge spoke once more Forge: lets try and hold it at fifteen percent.

Ellie focused it more, drawing more energy into it, and watched the numbers to see when to stop adding more.

Soon the gage went further up and stayed at a fifteen percent rate. In an instant, the red color changed to blue and now a pulse started to glow in the gloves. Forge spoke more Forge: yes that's it!  it looks like you're ready to change forms.. go ahead and slap your hands together to activate the shift!

Ellie blinked, but clapped her palms together, pressing her hands flat against one another.

Suddenly a burst of energy came from her hands. It soon engulfed her body as she started to feel a change. She appeared in a short moment as a tall dark haired figure with unique abilities. Her entire body felt like she was ready to fight and suited for combat as well as a charge on her right hand. She then reverted to herself still feeling the powers as a sense of confidence and strength was felt within her. Forge blinked Forge: it worked! you seem to have taken on Psylocke's powers. The form went back to yourself though because its more stable than changing your body.. how do you feel?

Ellie spoke up. "A little more confident and somehow strong."

Jean nodded Jean: Psylocke.. Betsy was a leader, she fought strongly for Mutant rights more than anyone. She retired though and lives peacefully in Britain. I heard she became a librarian.

Forge spoke again Forge: the levels are stable enough.. its amazing..


Ellie added on. "Despite the form going away, I can still feel the powers too."

Forge spoke surprised Forge: really now? that's strange.. I guess your powers work so well with it, that they simply replicate the powers instead of changing your form. its different than when I used it.. but I did only have a bit of power to change into Gambit.. even then it took all i had to keep the form.

Jean shook her head Jean: So for others who are not strong enough, it only imitates the form? does that mean she can use all the powers because she is using the GS at its full percentage?

Forge spoke up Forge: it has to be, even that prototype has some basic abilities. But only one. I programmed that one to be able to use Psylocke's psychic energy construct powers.
Jean looked to Ellie Jean: I guess you should try forming a weapon.. maybe a sword?

Forge nodded Forge: Psylocke was right-handed, so she focused her power on her right hand.

Ellie nodded, and focused her energies to pool into her right hand, trying it out to see if it could take form.

Soon a pink glow started to form around her hand then an energy blade formed from the energy itself on the back of her hand like an attached sword. Jean blinked Jean: amazing.. its really working.

Forge spoke up Forge: incredible.. these levels indicate that she is generating an output of psychic energy like Psylocke but at a stable pace.

Soon the robot started to twitch as Forge began to speak more Forge: let's see how well you do. I am going to combat mode level one. the robot then took a stance with a blade appearing in its left hand and focused on her when you're ready..

Jean looked around worried Jean: Forge.. maybe this is too much.. we shouldn't rush this.

Ellie rushed at the robot, slashing the sword in her hand at it's arm in an uppercut motion, letting her body move in a way that felt right with the powers on instinct.

the sword swiftly passed through the arm of the robot and completely came right off. The robot backed away and fell over. Jean blinked as Forge laughed Forge: i'd say she has the hang of it so far!

Jean nodded Jean: I see.. but how does she turn back to herself?

Forge nodded Forge: relax your body and wave out your hands to return to normal. The indicator will return to its normal mode and release the stored energy.

Ellie smiled, relaxing her shoulders as she shook out her hands , wriggling her wrists a little as if waving off tension. "Something like this?"

a reaction came from her hands however forming smaller orbs of energy that rushed toward the robot and soon engulfed it in an explosion. Jean blinked forming a shield as the explosion rocked the room a bit. The gloves returned to normal as well. Surprised she looked to Ellie Jean: are you okay Ellie.. what was that Forge?

Forge stayed quiet a bit then spoke Forge: ....hm... I thought as much.. she had a backlash of bioelectricity. It made bombs by mixing with the air itself. That may occur every time she returns to normal..

Jean growled Jean: and you failed to mention that why?

Forge spoke hesitantly Forge: I didn't.. well think it could happen so easily..

Ellie shivered. "It's the defense.. Because they're not my powers.. My body must think it's defending itself.."

Forge spoke up Forge: I see.. this also is because we're using an indirect form of gathering bioelectricity. Since the glove is only using her charged energy instead of tapping into her plasma itself willingly.

Ellie nodded. "If it thinks I'm not giving it up, but it's taken, whether blood or something else, it destroys it so it can't be used, even if it gets away from my body.. That's why I tried to avoid getting hurt for so long."

Jean blinked Jean: a unique defense.. like white blood cells destroying intruders.

Forge spoke again a little agitated Forge: hm.. that makes things.. interesting.. how to get past that might be tricky.. id has to figure out how to convince your body the GS is not some sort of syringe out for blood.

Jean thought for a moment Jean: hmm.. you may be able to use the defense as an offense though..

Forge thought then spoke Forge: like before right? those orbs of energy that made that explosion? That's a power all her own.. the most i could do is create a sort of launching mechanism in the glove to send it out as an attack or discharge away from allies..

Ellie nodded. "That would work!"

Jean nodded Jean: at any rate. I'd call this a success. How about you, Forge?

Forge spoke hesitantly Forge: ...well to be honest.. I don't think she's ready yet. There's a few more tests I have to do on the GS as well. Machinery can only go so far without the will to back it up. Ellie, I could sense your heart rate speed up in the gloves and some elevation in your levels.. i can tell you were afraid to use your powers.

Ellie tensed a bit. "They can go too far.. I'm not afraid of using them. I'm afraid of what they'll do to other people when I do."

Jean nodded Jean: I think I can relate.. with my powers.. it would only take one bad day to make someone never wake up. I also have full control when i do it.. but its like a thought.. it happens.. but I always think of what will happen if i never use them.. how it would hurt me as well.

Ellie shook her head. "They always happen. There's not a time when I don't have them happening. If someone attacks me, physically, their going to get hurt. I can try to control how much they get hurt, but it's not just about that.. if I wanted to there's another side to it. If I want to, my blood can heal the injuries too. If I change it. But think of it. can't even get a playful punch to the shoulder because you shock the other person doing it! I'm not going to let my fears stop me though! It's like Cyclops said. I need to trust my powers. And, I'm learning to do that!"

Jean nodded smiling. She patted Ellie softly on her head Jean: Ellie, you certainly have grown more stronger.. im very proud to hear you say that. she looked around Forge, I think she is ready.. no I know she is. We as X Men have spent our lives battling that feeling inside us... and she has shown.. she is the same.. its almost like she was a part of our team from the start isn't it?

Forge spoke with a laugh Forge: how could I deny such a spirit like that? alright then, it will take me the rest of the day to get the GS ready but I can do it. How about you spend that time thinking of a codename to call yourself? We can't have you being called your real name all over, think of the news that would come of it. the doors opened behind them let's call it a day for the test.

Ellie blinked. "A codename..? Something like Bumble?"

Jean blinked Jean: that's a very cute name.. I kind of like it.

Forge sighed a bit Forge: hmm.. well ill let you work on that. For now how about you both get some rest? I however have a long night ahead of me. Both inventions i made need a bit of refinement.. I still haven't even gotten to have Nalm test his out..

Jean blinked Jean: you built one for Nalm too?..

Forge spoke again Forge: ..strangely I did.. it was as if I built it in my dreams first.. next thing I knew it was already here.

Jean thought for a moment Jean: that's odd..

Forge spoke calmly Forge: it's alright, you two should get some rest while you can. You may have a long road ahead of you.

Ellie nodded. "I'll head back to my room then for now." She excused herself and started heading back to her quarters.

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