X-men: Revival: Reset

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The world, as ever was divided, is coming to a head once more, after a long dwindle in the age of mutants, from the minds of those who still remember their numbers and their existence among humans. However, seemingly in a flash, suddenly there's been rampant reappearances of the ones of old, with no memory of the occurrence in the years since their disappearances. It has been decades. It is as if those who were once gone have been restored and even those who were not involved, suspect nothing, despite the changed, evolved world around them. It is as if time and memory have been manipulated. But by who and why?
out blinding her as the area changed.

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Chapter 1: Reset

The world, as ever was divided, is coming to a head once more, as after a long dwindle in the age of mutants, from the minds of those who still remember their numbers and their existence among humans. However, seemingly in a flash, suddenly there's been rampant reappearances of the ones of old, with no memory of the occurrence in the years since their disappearances. It has been decades. It is as if those who were once gone have been restored and even those who were not involved, suspect nothing, despite the changed, evolved world around them. It is as time and memory has been manipulated. But by who and why?
*these strange experiences have given rise to smaller task forces created by both sides. One known as  M.A.D.I Mutant Anomaly Detection Investigators, led personally by X men member Wolverine. Their Task is to discover mutants that exist beyond their range of normal search and assist as well as search out any unknown threats developing against mutants. On the opposite side a strong faction funded by Dolsaiev Trak known as Mutant Investigation Neturalization Control or Elimination squad or M.I.N.C.E, their tasks to find any natural births of mutants along with any strange variants and eliminate them, along with finding where mutants are being "made".

*These Organizations exist in secret though due to a recent law signed in called the "Anti Mutant Elimination Acts". On the Mutant side, Professor Charles Xavier acting as Mutant Representative accepts these laws with the current president Malcom Norbeu, A former Veteran of World War II whose life was saved by a mutant a long time ago. The two find a steady peace and push out the Anti Mutant groups much to the displeasure and anger of Dolsaiev. Knowing that the time of mutants are waning, instead of fighting with them, several facilities have been placed to help them. This both gives humanity a guilty pleasure, feeling as if they are not in the wrong by helping them and are destined to win over them, with their slow demise.

though chaos still strides in many places, in lower Manhattan, a small apartment complex houses both mutants and humans. Some live aloof and alone while others assist one another, bound by the ties of the poor instead of torn apart by the fires of hate. Laylas Apartments is its name.

A young woman stood just outside of the complex, staring up at it with a measure of mistrust but also disgruntled acceptance, as she had no where else to go. She was set up to be moving in to one of the open spaces, and, resigning herself to this, she made her way up the steps, swinging open the door to go inside to try to find the owner.

a woman yelled out from the front desk in the hall ???: hey! you! don't be swinging my door so hard unless you want to pay for the damages!

The girl jumped a bit at being yelled at, but caught the door before it could hit the wall from being swung open and shut it gently behind herself. "Yes, mam!"

The old woman waved her hand for her to come forward to the desk.

The girl did so, making her way over to the desk, and made her way forward towards it.
She blew a bit of smoke in her face and spoke Layla: the name is Layla. I own this apartment building. You want a room right? or did you set up one before hand?

The girl gave a nod. "Set one up beforehand. Should be under the name, Ellie." (el-Lee) She coughed a bit at the smoke, clearing it away or trying by waving her hand.

She turned in her chair and pulled a small book from under her desk then read it Layla: hmm.. paid up front.. moderate... second level.. she nodded then looked to her couldn't find anywhere else huh? you know you'll be living next to Mutants right? is that a problem? she puffed on her cigarette giving the girl a silent stare.

She shook her head. "That's not a problem."

She nodded Layla: good. Then i'll have him show you to your room. Hey brat! Get her bags. soon a boy walked down from the stairs leading up and bowed. She glared to him what were you doing now?

he bowed and nodded ???: I-I was cleaning out Mister Moore's bathroom.. he said...

she huffed and shook her head Layla: I don't care, take her to room two ninety and be quick!
he nodded ???: y-yes miss Layla! she handed him the keys as he went to help her with her bags and slowly took them up the stairs.

the woman looked to the girl Layla: one last thing, bickering of any kind wont be tolerated. If you want to keep staying here, do what's best and mind your manners. Are we clear?

The girl blinked, but nodded. "I understand!" She then gathered her remaining bag and followed after him up the stairs.

after some time they arrived at her room. He opened the door revealing the small but clean apartment room ???: here it is..

She smiled, when she saw it, but after turned towards him. "Thank you for helping me get them up here!"

He nodded ???: i-its fine its my job after all.. um right. he handed her a small booklet this is the dates that you need to know, about trash, pest inspection, wash days and more. Also it has a calendar in it so you can keep track. There's water in there but no food, you may have to go out and buy some.

She nodded, taking the booklet. "Thank you. Ah, um, sorry to ask, but are there any stores around you could might recommend for getting food?"

he nodded ???: um... I don't get too out much.. but just down the street from here there's a Food Mart. Its a few blocks away. I always go there when miss Layla ask me to shop for her.. he blinked b-but don't tell her I told you! she hates people knowing her business..

She waved her hands. "I won't tell her. And, thank you!"

he nodded Nalm: oh.. and before i forget.. my name is Nalm.. at least that's what everyone calls me. Its what they call me instead of nobody. Miss Layla made them think of a name for me.. but i guess thats a bit too much talk. You should get your food when you can.. I'll be downstairs if there's anything you need. Goodbye. he closed the door afterwards and headed back downstairs.

She blinked, waving him off as he left but set down her bags behind the couch, intending to unpack once she grabbed some food. She grabbed a bit of money, stuffing it into the pocket of her shorts, before she shut the door behind herself and set out to find him, realizing she'd locked herself out and forgotten to get her keys from him. "Oops, gotta find him!"

Down the hall he stopped staring at a tall man near the stairs. The man grinned and punched his arm a bit as Nalm yelped a little ???: hey! Norm! didn't I tell you to get me a drink? What's taking so long.

Nalm held his arm a bit and nodded Nalm: w-well miss Layla... ow! the man gripped his shoulder as Nalm spoke ....t-told me...t-to h-help the... n-new person.... ow....

he grinned ???: hows that an excuse? want me to tell granny that you forgot about her favorite costumer? he pulled his arm back showing spikes on Nalm's shoulder. His mutant powers made thorns pierce the side of Nalms shoulder don't keep me waiting.. I get very prickly when i don't get my drinks!

Nalm nodded bowing Nalm: y-yes mister Naz!

Ellie popped up alongside Nalm with a wave. "Ah, sorry for keeping you so long with having to help me! Nalm, right? And who is this? If it's drinks you want, I could pick you up some from Food Mart. I was just about to head out, once I get my keys from him. I forgot to grab them from him before he left, silly me. It's the least I could do for making him late for your errand, right?" She was trying to calm him down and get him to release the other.

He blinked Naz: oh? your a scruffy one arnt you? your not trying to take away my favorite worker are you? he grabbed Nalms arm with spikes in his hand. Nalm cringed a bit with pain as he was taken towards Naz you go ahead and  shop by yourself eh! Give her the damn keys already. Nalm nodded and tossed them to her good boy! Lets have a talk upstairs then.. privately. Nalm began to be pulled by the man towards the stairs.

Ellie cringed a bit at this, but caught the keys, feeling bad for leaving him behind. She saw them making her way towards the stairs, but headed outside, carefully, shutting the door behind herself, as she set out to find the store, all the while feeling a bit guilty for what she'd left .

soon after some time passed and the day was getting late, she had finished her shopping making her way back home. In front of the apartments however police had it surrounded. People gathered in a crowd to see what happened as an ambulance was on the side. Some of the other tenants sat near the side of the building as Layla was crying.

She blinked, looking in confusion, but made her way over towards the side, towards the others and Layla. "What's going on?"

Layla shook her head weeping Layla: Nalm... Nalm is... she gasped seeing a stretcher take a badly beaten Nalm out. Thorns had pierced most of his entire body he was on life support breathing shallow. The ambulance soon took him inside and began to drive away as she cried softly* there was no one.. who could have done this.. everyone knew him and they knew not to use their powers..

Ellie shuddered. "That's...Those were thorns! It's obvious who did that to him. He was taking him upstairs to talk to him privately when I left too, and he uses thorns! I saw him using them on his shoulder, but I never thought he'd do that.."

Layla blinked Layla: who... are you talking about child? no one would dare!

a voice came from behind Layla ???: i'd like to know that myself.. behind her stood Naz with a grin whoever it was.. it may end up getting them kicked out... and those involved too.. or nearby..

Layla nodded Layla: yes! if this could have been prevented then... then those who did this will pay! I don't care if it was someone who saw it and didn't do a thing! their out of here too!

Ellie set down her groceries with a groan, realizing what that was implying and why he was grinning. "It was you, you nasty jerk! You were spiking.  your thorns into Nalm's shoulder and he called you by name, Naz. You made him toss the keys to me before you forced him to go with you, by pulling him with you up the stairs ! She can have the keys, but you don't do that to someone! Especially over something so petty as him not getting you the drinks you asked him to get you, because Layla was having him help me get in!"

Naz blinked then started to fake cry. Layla looked to him Layla: my dear Naz! what? how can she blame you for this? you don't even have mutant abilities! your just as human as me.. she glared to her how dare you! who do you think you are!? your putting blame on someone who has never harmed a fly! how dare you!

Naz blinked then started to fake cry. Layla looked to him Layla: my dear Naz! what? how can she blame you for this? you don't even have mutant abilities! your just as human as me.. she glared to her how dare you! who do you think you are!? your putting blame on someone who has never harmed a fly! how dare you!

Naz whimpered Naz: granny! I wanted to help him! but she did it! she attacked him and told me to stay quiet or it would happen to me!!

Ellie growled. "Liar, I don't use thorns!"

Layla gasped wide eyed Layla: wh-what! even after I specifically told you not to harm a soul?!

a voice came from behind the two of them as a tall mans shadow appeared ???: ahem...

Layla blinked along with Naz as they turned to see a man staring to them. She gasped wide eyed Layla: m-mister... Essex! ...

Naz and Layla bowed Layla: i-its okay! I know you told us not to have trouble for mutants but...

he shook his head Essex: all this attention will surely draw unwanted anger. he watched as the ambulance drove off the boy will be treated at Milsburn Hospital for Mutants... but you however must tell me what or who did this.

Layla and Naz immediately pointed to Ellie hissing Layla: that girl! there SHE is responsible! she attacked Nalm! my dear boy could only watch as...

he walked passed Layla and stood towering over Ellie a bit Essex: her? ...I think your mistaken..

Ellie snapped back. "I have the receipts from the store, and, what's more, it had cameras that can prove I wasn't even here when it happened!"

Layla shook her head Layla: she's lying! no one would stir up trouble in one of your owned buildings mister Essex! you can't possibly..

he looked to Layla Essex: you are the one who is wrong. This girl, she is not a mutant.. not entirely.

Naz and Layla blinked Layla: wh-what!? Naz gulped.

he pulled out a small orb from his pocket Essex: this right here, should show what happened.

Ellie stared at him. "You can tell..?"

Layla looked to it as it suddenly shined out a bright light. She blinked confused Layla: wh..what did it... h-huh.. Naz?

Naz groaned and drooled falling over groaning. Naz: guuurhgh... g-granny! I don't... feel so good.. why... aghhh! ahhhH!! soon spikes tore through his shirt and all over his body I can't control it! why!!! what the...

Layla stepped back a bit in shock Layla: wh-what.. my dear grandson... a mutant!....

Essex nodded Essex: an invention of mine. this little orb causes any powers that activated recently to show themselves. What say you Naz? having a hard time?

Naz groaned Naz: d...damn it... he stood up and roared out sending spikes all over. People ducked in cover as Essex stepped in front of the group and sent out a small ball that formed a shield blocking the spikes. Layla was hit in her arm though and yelled in pain. Naz shivered and ran away as cops began to chase him damn it!

Layla soon passed out. Essex handed her to a medic still on the scene and shook his head Essex: whether they be mutant crimes or human crimes, they won't be hidden from me. now then.. to other matters. A free months rent and patchwork to the building. he looked as a man in suit walked next to him whispering in his ear. He blinked ...are you certain? ...heh.. all this time.. alright, i'll leave it to Portia to take over this for now. he soon started off towards  a black limo with a deep grin ....the one i've been looking for under my nose.. the entire time.. take to the hospital at once.

Ellie stared on in surprise at what had happened. "Ah...Thank you, Mr Essex.." She spoke out as he was leaving. But hearing him mention hospital, she seemed to snap out of it. "Ah.. I .. might be able to help though with Nalm. if the hospital has trouble. It looked pretty bad.."

he stepped into the car and rolled down the window looking to her with a grin. in the shadow of the car a flash of red could be seen in his eyes a bit Essex: don't you worry.. he will be just fine.. you enjoy your life.. the window rolled up as he gave a soft chuckle.

with that the car rolled away and people began to leave. The tenants went back to their apartments as the dark started to settle in and street lights lit up the area.

Ellie gathered her groceries and made her way up and into her apartment, rushing to put them away. Locking her door behind herself, though, she couldn't ignore the growing feeling of dread, and decided to make her way back outside. She set out to try to find a bus or at least figure out a way to get to the hospital he'd been taken to. If nothing else, to put her own mind at ease.

huffing behind her could be heard and soon spikes shot near her feet. Naz reappeared from the dark and growled Naz: you... damn witch! because of you i was made a fool of.. i lost everything!

She jumped away from the spikes, dodging them, but turned to face him. "You.. did that to yourself! Why would you attack him, anyway!? He was clearly afraid of you!"

he growled and laughed Naz: stupid normie!  A normie like you doesn't know the pecking order! but when i put holes through your entire body you'll be worse than that runt! he rose his fist as spikes started to protrude. I'll see you dead norm!! as he went to hit her though a hand grabbed his arm stopping him* ....h-huh!? who the hell...

oon a figure looked behind him with a stern glare ???: hey bub.. you like pickin on the little guy do ya?

he rose his hand as metal blades came from his fists and Naz yelped in fear ???: come pick on me if you can!

Naz fell over yelping. He started to run in fear. Naz: fwahhh!! I'm gonna die!!! helllp ahhhh!
the man sighed and shook his head ???: call himself a mutant? peh... ain't even a pup.

Ellie looked to the other in surprise and wonder. "Ah.. Thank you for stopping him!"

he looked to her with a stern look ???: hm.. aint you supposed to be home girle? ya lookin around for this kind of stuff? he blinked wait a moment.. he sniffed the air ...ya dont smell right... he soon turned to her and looked ....you wouldn't happen ta have seen a man with dark hair and smellin like cheap cologne would ya? goin by essex?

She nodded. "Actually..yes! I saw him not too long ago. And sorry.. I was actually on my way to the hospital.."

he stared a bit to her relaxing a little ???: Hospital eh... kinda dangerous for a night trip alone.. think ill go with ya.. he walked over near a street light and waited beside a bus sign looks like a ride is on its way now. soon in the distance lights appeared as a bus pulled in.

Ellie made her way to follow him towards the bus. "Alright.. thank you."  Once it pulled up, she paid the fair for them both as she boarded and took one of the seats on board. She let the driver know she'd paid the fair for the other as well.

soon they pulled up in front of the bus stop. He soon walked off first and looked around ???: hm...

Ellie stepped off the bus after him as the doors shut behind her as she made her way towards the entrance., trying to find it. "Do you happen to know where we go in?"

he chuckled ???: go in? you sure? take a look at it.. he pointed to the hospital. It seemed like it was not even active there's not a soul in there.

She blinked, taking a second look. "Ah... but.. I was sure they brought him here... They had him in an ambulance and everything!" 

He sniffed the air and nodded ???: oh yeah... someone's here alright.. but it smells like their down there. he pointed to a large sewer manhole  an that ain't yer average manhole.. aint a single smell o shit from it. he moved towards it and with one claw lifted the manhole cover then made his way down the ladder.

Ellie blinked, but followed after him down the ladder, dropping down to the floor once she'd climbed down. "This doesn't make any sense... He was covered in injuries.. from the thorns of the other guy. Why bring him here if not to help him?"

He smirked and shook his head ???: cuz your "friend" aint as friendly as he makes it seem.. and he aint helpin no one but himself. they soon arrived down a pathway leading to a large door in front. He nodded looks like the shows bout to begin.. you might wanna go home girlie.

Ellie shook her head.  "Their not my friend.. and what do you mean the show? If their trying to do something wrong, don't you want a witness who can back up your side?"

He shook his head ???: i don't need baggage girlie, and i ain't need no backup either... but since your human, i don't think he wants that blood on his hands.. aint that right.. he revealed his claws and slashed the door down as it toppled to the side. Behind the door Essex looked to the man with a stare ...sinister? on the other side as well, a full on lab was seen with bodies floating in tubes and machines carefully watching over them.

Essex smiled Essex: Wolverine.. I was wondering when you'd stop by. soon his form morphed into a newer form with dark armor and red eyes. He gave a long grin to the man welcome to my lab.

Ellie shuddered, seeing the lab and the transformation, both.

the man huffed and shook his head ???: what kind of freakshow you running now, sinister? ain't you heard of the law?

He shook his head Sinister: Wolverine, the laws of humans don't apply to me. My will is only driven by mutant kind. I will make us survive even if we are forced to do it under this so called "law". Don't you know that mutant kind has dropped significantly in the last few years? over twenty percent of our race... gone in less than a year. You would think that humanity would do more than give warm blankets and food to us.. but as usual you trust a wolf in sheep's clothing.

he shook his head ???: Ain't got a care in the world about your lectures bub, you been takin in mutants to experiment on dem, and you wanna claim its for us? no that aint you purple man, you got no care for mutant kind, ya only wanna save yourself from bein wiped out. Timesa callin bub, yer number is here. he raised his claws and charged at Sinister.

Sinister smiled and stood there looking. Soon however wolverine jumped and dived to slash at Mister sinister but was frozen in place. An invisible bubble formed around wolverine as gold eyes glowed in the shadows behind one of the tubes. Mister Sinister grinned Sinister: ...you may be right wolverine.. time is calling.. but now.. time is even mine.

Ellie shivered. "What? What did you do to him?!"

he looked to her then blinked a bit Sinister: ...hmm you came here, even after I told you your friend would be alright.. if your that eager to see him, then i'll show you. Come out.. Nalm..
soon from the shadows walked out Nalm covered in blood but seemingly under some sort of control. He stood beside Sinister staring to her.

Ellie blinked. "What have you done..?"

Mister Sinister smiled Sinister: ive saved my race, you see.. young Nalm here, is a mutant who controls time itself. how about a demonstration.. he nodded as Nalms eyes glowed. He rose his hand towards wolverine. Soon wolverine began to rapidly age as Sinister explained time manipulation beyond the scale of a normal being.. from one minute to a thousand years in a second.. then further. soon wolverines skin began to rot away as all that was left was his adamantium skeleton then... the reverse. soon wolverines body began to reform as he was regressed to his normal self instantly. Mister Sinister looked on with glee. such an ability is a once and a lifetime for a mutant! if he were to be cloned then there is nothing that could stop me from taking control. All I need now is to make him my new body.

Ellie trembled, but spoke out. "S-Snap out of it, Nalm! Do you really want to let him use your ability in that way!?"

Nalm groaned a bit and blinked as the bubble faded. Sinister blinked as wolverine was freed. He soon charged once more at sinister and slashed his arm clean off. Green blood ooze from it as he soon pullled back and slowly reattached his arm. Wolverine shook his head Wolverine: ...couldnt stand up to that could ya?! he looked to Nalm who held his head confused ...hm? whats the kid doin here.

Sinister growled Sinister: my hold is still weak on him.. but no matter.. Nalm... its time to return time.

Nalm blinked and gasped as his body began to glow Nalm: gah... ahhhhh!!! c-cant... what... auuugh!!

Wolverine shook his head Wolverine: what the hell are you playing at Sinister?!

He grinned Sinister: im sure I dont need to explain... you wont remember it anyhow... see you some other time wolverine.

In a huge blast Nalm roared out as a time wave hit the entire area. Light shined out blinding her as the area changed.

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