My Lovely Book Of Poetry: Im Sick

Published Jul 18, 2022, 6:09:00 PM UTC | Last updated Jul 18, 2022, 6:09:00 PM | Total Chapters 21

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This is a bunch of poetry I've written over the years. And honestly I picked the ones that are maybe 1 or two years old I wrote. though some were written more in present day such as Travologue. so that ones pretty new but not exactly^^ but I hope you all enjoy and please keep in mind the tags! As I did not tag all the chapters! Thats just a fair warning! But Read at your own risk if your sensitive to some of these themes! And Im honestly just happy I can share these!^^ and have people read them besides like one or two others I know IRL.

Oh and The one poem that is safe from all these tags I know for sure! Is It's Not A Circle. It's a quirky little poem^^

I also may continue to update this with more peoms I write. But I would not count on it being daily.

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Chapter 1: Im Sick

I'm sick and tired.
Sick and tired of people saying their sorry 
Because I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I've tried
And I've been trying for so long
And I keep failing 
Everyone around me
And yet they tell me their sorry?
I'm confused…
So confused… 
I should be the one saying sorry…
I'm sorry I can't do things right all the time…
I'm sorry…
Someone help me
I cannot eat
I don't want to..
Failures such as me are so tired
I'm sick in the head
Very sick
Mentally ill
My anxiety is like a small mouse running away from a cat
Eating me slowly
I'm sorry 
I'm truly sick

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