God Forgave Me?

Posted Oct 15, 2019, 12:39:20 AM UTC

This drawing is based on a role play I did on quotev years ago (I wish I could find The person and their writing based on it the role play was about a girl who died saying another girl from getting hit by a car And spent years watching over her until god let her go back to earth) I don’t really remember the characters names so I’ll just rename them

Kelly: “I wasn’t suppose to make it here...My parents always told me id never make it to heaven..I had too many sins on my back. I got tattoos all over my back and I wasn’t just attracted to men. They always said god never forgave the sinners but I gave up on the idea of god years ago so why’ve did he forgive me? Because i saved that girl? Does he really forgive the sinners after all?”

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