Release v65.0.1

We made a few releases over the past few weeks. See below.

Welcome to the v64.1.0 release!

Release highlights
You can now gift items to other players!
You can now edit the names of your characters!

Change log
d0f66c3f ⭐ feat (game-roller) charismatic companion mechanics
34d0b87d ⭐ feat (game-character) allow player to gift items
c3f47430 ⭐ feat (game-character) allow player to edit character name
d6c6e7a9 ⭐ feat (game-character) allow player to delete image from draft
a3e932b8 ⭐ feat (user) admin lookup tools

Welcome to the v64.1.1 release. This just had a bug fix for the shop.

Change log
54065c6e 🐛 fix (game-items) fix shop items per page
6cd400dc 🐛 fix (game-items) fix shop pagination

Welcome to the v64.1.2 release.

Change log
22720f33 🐛 fix (game-items) fix advent calendar transaction messages

Welcome to the v64.2.0 and v64.2.1 releases

This release includes TRIOCASTING. Take it for a spin against the slime if you'd like. You must be rank 3 or higher to do a Triocast. Documentation on this is coming soon.

Change log
98d6a44 👷‍♀️ build (app) build dom package separately
31427e4 👽 compat (app) remove reading-time package
8a65698 🐛 fix (game-shop) prevent build opt bailouts
1ee07899 📝 docs (game) update verification queries for purge scripts
3c24081c ⭐ feat (game) purge script
e0719a3a 🐛 fix (game-items) deleted items break transaction records
671e778e ⭐ feat (game-shop) analytics
3c0da105 ⭐ feat (game-rollers) triocasting mechanics for battles
4dd97767 🐛 fix (submissions) redirect to not found for mismatched mature content
74a2e1ac 🍱 assets (directory) remove game
b083c8fd 🍱 assets (game-characters) revise rules
d509dc53 🍱 assets (arpg-directory) add to directory 

Welcome to the v64.3.0 release. This includes a hot fix release to patch a bug with the points editor.

673adfe 🐛 fix (game-points) fix point editor
58c2032 ⭐ feat (game-rollers) strength potion

Welcome to the v65.0.0 release

This update includes removal of the old writing and comics sections as talked about back in August. We had to make this update as soon as possible due to security reasons and a pending server upgrade.

I have NOT yet migrated old writing into the new writing section. I'm still working on a script to do this.

Expect there to be some bugs around the site over the next few weeks from this upgrade. Please report them in ⁠bugs-and-suggestions 

Change log
a5422f7 🔥 purge (app) delete many old files including old comics and old writing section
4800d0e 👽 compat (app) php
bcc0aff 👽 compat (app) php
efdc468 👽 compat (app) php


 Welcome to the v65.0.1 release. This contains hot fixes

Change log
a3e5b83b 🐛 fix (game-rollers) text rollers broken
3254c088 🐛 fix (comments) blog comments not saving