Community Guidelines updates

We've made some updates to our Community Guidelines. Here's a quick summary of the changes

  • The guidelines now specify
    • unwanted romantic/sexual advances,
    • public callouts,
    • excessive self-deprecating comments,
    • and excessive negativity,
    • ...are not allowed
  • We've added information on how to report misconduct from an Art RPG staffer.
  • We've added information on how to make an anonymous report
  • Notes about public callouts and how they are not accepted in our community.
  • The guidelines now officially apply to Discord servers of hosted Art RPGs and PaperDemon social media

We take our community guidelines seriously to help maintain a safe environment. If you notice anyone is not acting in accordance with our community guidelines, please report it to us following the instructions on the Community Guidelines page.

The Community Guidelines apply in discord servers of hosted Art RPGs as well. Please report violations to mods in those servers.

Behind the scenes, we've had serious conversations with representatives from most of our actively hosted Art RPGs about our community guidelines. I big thank you to all of our hosted Art RPGs for their input for these guidelines updates. Leaders from all hosted Art RPGs know that they must act in accordance with these guidelines and uphold them in their servers.

If you feel unsafe or that you've been treated unfairly by a staff member of one of our hosted Art RPGs, please follow the instructions on our Community Guidelines page.