IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Say goodbye to Comics and old Writing section 😢

If your writing submission was posted after May 3, 2022, the changes announced in this news post do NOT affect your written submissions. Your submission is in the NEW writing section.


We announced last year that we had to freeze the old writing section and the comics section due to a security vulnerability.

We need to make some upgrades to our server and those old sections are running on some pretty old code that wont work with the new upgrades. We either have to A) migrate it to the new front end, B) update it for compatibility, or C) delete it. 


Writing submissions

For Writing, we already have the new writing section that was created as a replacement for the old writing section. It's just that the old submissions are still sitting in the old system and need to be migrated over. I'll write a script to migrate your old writing submissions to the new system automatically. ETA for this is in a couple months.

I will not be migrating comments because of technical and time limitations so if you want a backup of your comments, please browse your old writing submissions and download/screenshot/print your comments.

Your old written submissions and comics are still viewable with a permalink for the moment. But within a few months these old pages will be taken down.

If you're not sure if your writing submissions are in the old system or the new system, just view the submission in your browser. If the url for your submission says …

  • ✅ or in it, it's in the NEW system. 

  • ⛔ or, it's in the OLD system.


Comic Submissions

For Comics, I don't have time to migrate, and I don't want to maintain/update the old code because it is very very old and hard to maintain. So we're going to have to go with the third option to delete the code for now. 

This means we will no longer have a comics section. I was hoping to have extra time at some point to build a nice comics section like we used to have but it would come at the expense of other more important features so I've decided not to pursue a migration of the comics section right now.

Links to the comics section have been removed from profiles and the main navigation but permalinks to your comics are still working.

I know this sucks. It was a very tough choice to have to remove people's submissions. But I have to prioritize the development and maintenance of the Art RPG features since this is more core to our focus than offering comics features.

If you have any submissions in the comics section and don't have a backup of it, please download copies of it now.


Your options going forward

If you do want to submit comics today to PaperDemon here are your options:

  • Submit your pages as individual artwork entries and tag all artwork from the same comic with a unique hashtag such as #CyrusSkyllosAdventuresInAvangard. Link people to the hashtag so they can browse all comic pages.

  • Submit your pages as individual artwork entries and organize them into a folder. Link people to your folder so they can browse all comic pages. Folders are a premium account feature.

Or just use a site like Tapas for your comics as these sites offer much better comics browsing features than we realistically can provide for the next couple of years.

Other Changes

You'll notice the old pages of the site no longer have a site navigation. These pages are effectively an archive and we're trying to reduce confusion for newcomers who may happen upon these pages and see a much different site navigation. This also makes the maintenance going forward easier.


I know changes like this can be concerning or confusing so if you have any questions, please reply to this post or ask in discord in #ask-a-mod and I'll try my best to answer and clarify.


Thank you for understanding.