v43.1.0 - No AI art allowed, No AI art scraping allowed

Today we released some updates to PaperDemon.com that I'd like to further explain.


Just say no to AI bots

Our site code now has noimageai tags to prevent AI art bots from scraping images hosted on PaperDemon.com.

There has been a lot of controversy around the usage of artificial intelligence art generators which use art scraped from the internet, without the original artists consent. The art generated by these AI powered applications includes collages of actual artists work. Many artists are understandably upset about this new technology using their artwork without consent and then charging for access to the apps.

Deviantart announced creating a new meta tag standard that developers can add to their websites to inform bots not to use their sites images in AI art datasets.

Based on the outrage generally felt amongst artists about AI bots, I've gone ahead and added the DeviantArt noimageai tags to our site. The new tags we added will tell bots NOT to scrape any images on paperdemon.com for AI art purposes.

However, we don't know if AI art bots will actually observe this new tag or not. If you have questions/concerns with this change, please let me know in #bugs-and-suggestions in the Discord server.

You can read more about the newly proposed tags on DevaintArt's announcement.


Site Rule updates

Additionally we've updated our site rules to explicitly disallow any AI generated artwork submissions from being uploaded to our site, even if it's not for Art RPG art. We've always been restrictive with what we allow here. The rules had already previously disallowed photo manipulations and collages. We consider AI art to fall under collage but added AI generated art to the disallowed list just to be explicit.


Changes to news section

This news section going forward will no longer be used to announce Art RPG announcements. This news section will be restricted to just news about the website such as release information. You can see news information about PaperDemon Art RPG on the PDARPG page or site homepage.


v43.1.0 Release information


  • We've added tags to tell AI bots not to scrape our images. Whether or not they actually listen is up to them 🤷‍♀️
  • Our site rules have been updated to explicitly state we do NOT permit AI generated artwork on our site. 
  • Dracostryx Stryxmas rollers updated
  • Updates to our marketing page based on user input/common questions



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v44.0.0 Release information


This release includes something special for DracoStryx players. Check the Dracostryx page and discord in the near future for more information.


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This article was updated 12/15 3:35pm PST with v44 release info. Also corrected some typos.