"Time" Art Challenge - 2018 July

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    We're running an art challenge to flex those creative concepting muscles. The topic is ⏰ Time

    What do I get for participating?

    🔥 You'll gain 150 XP! Learn more about what XP are for. You'll also be practicing your art which will only help you get better.


    About the theme

    Create a work of art based around the theme of Time. This can be interpreted in may different ways. Here are a few thought starters:


    • Imagine how a favorite place of yours will look 300 years from now. For example your favorite coffee shop, hang out spot, vacation place, etc.
    • Imagine how you may look if you were 20 years older
    • Imagine how your home town might have looked 100 years ago
    • Take it literally and do something with objects that represent time like clock towers, watches, sundials, hourglasses

    Still need help coming up with a concept? Bounce ideas around with others in the PaperDemon discord chat (link at the top will appear if you're logged in).


    How to participate


    1. Create a work of art that fits the theme (see below)
    2. Post it to PaperDemon during the month of July.
    3. In the tags section of your art submission, put the tag: pdac-time



    • Research images on Google Image Search or Pinterest searching for keywords related to time to help you generate ideas and find reference material
    • Do a set of 10-20 thumbnail sketches of your ideas before committing to a concept


    View "Time" submissions


    Special thanks to  LottieVixen LottieVixen for helping come up with this topic and SchwarzerAlptraum SchwarzerAlptraum for suggesting we bring back the art challenges. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


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    adhesive eyeliner

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