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Sep 2, 2005, 10:24:50 PM UTC
This, my dear has got to be your best so far. I am sorry you couldn't get that certain part of his anatomy to cooperate. Laughing But the loin cloth looks really good too. You covered it up nicely. ^_^ I like the glistening effect you have put on his body. It makes him look like he is really sweaty. Also, I LOVE the background. It is so cool. The rocks and everything look amazing. From now on, I am having you do my backgrounds. Laughing Anyway... I have the next stage of my drawing done if you want to see it. However by the time you get this, I will probably be finished. ^_^ Ah well. All my love.

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Sep 3, 2005, 12:06:03 PM UTC on [Art] Perseus The Medusa Slayer
Hmm, I'm not sure about it being my best, but it comes pretty darn close ^6. If I worked more with human bodies, I could do a lil better with certain things that wouldn't come out right hehe. And the BG I thought turned out pretty good too I shouldve put it a lil smaller though behind him, so it looks just a bit more like he's farther away from the entrance to it, but it works ^^ And the body I think looks more metallic than flesh with those white streaks upon him lol. But I likie, cus then he looks more like a statue hehe. Thanks again for the comment Kristy, they're always appreciated, Love yas much Smile


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