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Jun 15, 2022, 5:23:40 AM UTC
Oop XD I wrote that at like 4am but yeah now I feel bad for both Laughing

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[Art] Unhappy Ending
Jun 16, 2022, 9:20:17 PM UTC on [Art] Unhappy Ending
Heheh, well, the end result was that we've captured Bradley, and we found his partner's conspiracy notes on us. He wasn't easy- I had to jump out of a building and do a pretty decent athletics roll to catch him. We need to clean up the mess, but I think I'm going to try talking Dorian out of keeping him as a ghoul permanently. Apparently making someone a Ghoul is something they can bounce back from? I had a chat with the team, and I've been struggling a lot with having a gm that isn't writing a heroic campaign where there's a clear path that everyone follows and we're all heroes. This GM plays it more grey, and it's more about the character's feelings- I prefer this style as it's way more interesting, but I've messed up a lot of relationships cause I've gone into DND mode rather than considering all my options. We had a big chat about it, and I'm going to try focusing less on people pleasing, and more on what my character wants. She's told me if I need a scene to slow down so I can keep up she's ok to do that. The other players are doing really well with the RP style, but I'm struggling a lot from my low self esteem. *sighs* I hope I can make this work :<


  • Jun 17, 2022, 8:43:12 AM UTC
    Whatever ends up of them I'm sure it will turn out amazing c: I believe in you that you can adapt to the new RP style and make it the best story ever! Big Smile
    • Jun 30, 2022, 2:30:45 AM UTC
      I'm going to give it my best. This session I took the repercussions of telling Gabriel what Dorian did knowing that Gabriel would get upset, and Gabriel tried to bust the ghoul out. Vaughan and Gab's boyfriend managed to stop him, and it was an interesting RP, but Dorian pretty much wasn't going to let the guy go at all ^^;

      I got immediately distracted by finding out that Vaughan's friend was caught by another vampire while snooping around for the dog fighting ring. Turns out a Brujah vampire is running the ring to lower the crime rate of the area, and was totally pen to the idea of dropping the dog fighting ring if Vaughan could think of a better way to keep crime down while not hurting humans. I was really prepared to hate the guy, but he was super nice, chill, and open minded. Didn't even punish us for trespassing on his feeding ground. He has a very aggressive dobberman though so he's not to be messed with. Vaughan got his number and is going to have a think about the situation. The player for Gabriel joked that Vaughan should seduce him away from the dog fighting ring XD Hahah- Vaughan and him may hook up, but only when the dog fighting ring is gone. Itd gonna be fun now too, now that Vaughan has picked up the shape changing ability! Vaughan can now morph into a wolf sized husky, and merge with the ground, so hopefully that'll come in handy Big Smile
      • Jun 30, 2022, 3:02:03 AM UTC
        Omg that does sounds so fun what a fun twist Laughing I knew you would get the hang of it Wink Also if Vaughan decides to I wish them luck successfully seducing the guy away from the dog fighting Heart
        • Jun 30, 2022, 3:28:51 AM UTC
          Hah- it's a toreador method of fixing problems Smile Vaughan has charisma, but not really any skill specifically for seducing. He got the guy's number without much of a fuss though. Who knows what that means. Vaughan needs to find out a bit more about this guy before he proceeds. He's an older vampire than Vaughan (All of them are for now), but he doesn't know how much older. He's also a Brujah, so he's going to match Vaughan for strength so he can't relax back on his fighting skills. They both have dogs too- although Marcus's dog is a trained fighter, and Vaughan's dog is a rescue Husky with a heart of gold XD HAHAH. What a dramatic night this was for the coterie XD
          • Jun 30, 2022, 4:33:02 AM UTC
            XDD You gotta keep me updated on this I wanna know what happens next Big Smile Message here or on discord Wink