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[Art] Family portrait
Apr 2, 2022, 10:56:46 PM UTC on [Art] Family portrait
Considering how no one is smiling and the colors scream sinister, I'd assume they are not happy- but dang they have some good outfit coordination.

Jokes aside, I like the background you made, it focuses the eye well. Its interesting how the wife and son are holding onto the father, but he returns neither, and the mother doesn't do the same for Silvyr. I imagine he won't be close with them in the future either.


  • Apr 3, 2022, 10:48:02 PM UTC
    Thank you! I'm glad I got a lot of what I wanted to convey in the image across :3

    The relationships in the image are very strained. I haven't decided if things will patch up or not. In the role play, both parents loved Silvyr, but they wanted him to be something he didn't want, and in the end, Silvyr ended up having to team up with one to kill the other, which made it all very bitter sweet. The comic is a different universe though. I haven't decided if things will patch up, if they have any love for Silvyr at all, or if they do but it's conditional. It's a very different situation as I had to re-write everything to remove the copyrighted content. I think I'll decide when I figure out where the story is going Smile I have a few ideas though Wink