Luna - TikTok; Sto1eurgf

Posted Jun 10, 2024, 7:08:39 AM UTC

A tremendous amount of eirshale is required to sculpt and bring a Goa to life. The tiny shards of material left over from this process are often ground into an arcane spell component, or, in some cases, used to sculpt small living stone creatures! On the rarest occasion, raw eirshale from deep within the stone mines of the City of Eir can gain sentience on its own! These small eirshale critters can look like animals or imaginary creatures, or can be in more organic stone forms. Many scurry about to explore their surroundings, always in search of new experiences. Some are mischievous, playing pranks on unsuspecting passersby.

While still others are skittish, content to observe from the safety of the shadows. Show or describe your character discovering or befriending a small creature made of eirshale! Your piece must include your character and a non-humanoid creature made of eirshale stone.

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