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Posted Sep 5, 2006, 2:29:05 AM UTC

Been awhile since I've been able to draw something since the summer hit. But I managed to actually get something down now finally lol. I figured since I was jumping back in from along-time-not-drawing I would re-draw one of my older drawings I've done. Unfortunately, I don't have the original that I did of this, and am a little too lazy to re-upload what I deleted from here awhile back, maybe later lol. Anyways, this is a charcter I designed that was to fit in with the other character Ideas I had, that each had elemental abilities, hence my one Lee character, a Pyromancer (He who dances with fire). This guy would be an Aquamancer (He who dances with water), some people might remember my older drawing of this guy, but if not, well, I'm more pleased to present this picture of him lol. I just couldn't stand how I did him before, and wanted to see how much I had improved since I drew the last version. As for his name..well..since I have my older one deleted..I don't remember what I had named him since it was awhile right now he's Mr. Nameless O_O;;; So.. here he is in all his glory for all to see ^_^;;. The only thing bugging me now is the fact that is clothing reminds me of Inuyasha's cloth of the fire-rat outfit..I may just thin out the look of it later on when I draw him again in something else, but for now, this will do lol.

Oh and as always, feel free to roast my guts out lol. I don't care, I know I need it :P

Materials used: Prisma colored pencils, 0.5mm Mechanical pencil, Ball point pen.

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  • Sep 11, 2006, 9:03:53 PM UTC
    I remember your original drawing of this guy. Your style seems t be chaning like crazy which is always a good thing in the art world. I don't think it looks too much like Inuyasha's outfit. There are plenty of differences. One thing I have noticed is the way you have the fabric flowing around his body and where his muscles are and should be. Most of it looks okay, but then there are a few taught areas where there should be hardly any wrinkles and down by the knees where the fabric is hanging off there should be more wrinkles showing that the knee is bent and the fabric is hanging off. If you take a look at my pic "The Freaks Come out At Night" on here, you will see what I mean about the fabric. You are getting better at the hair. It still looks a bit stiff, but you are getting there. Try to put some lighter shade of highlights in the "bangs" to show that the light is really bouncing off giving him some shine. The stance over all looks great. Good balance. Only a few minor areas to work on and you are on your way to greatness. Keep up the good work. ^_^ AS for me, it will be a while before I get any new art out. I am too busy working lately. It is nice to have a job again. ^_^
    • Sep 12, 2006, 9:39:59 PM UTC
      Thanks Kristy Corky Smile. You know me, ALWAYS trying to improve my skills lol, any little bit of advice helps ^_^ I know what you mean about the fabric, lately I've been working on that, since I don't really have many references to use for things like that, I have to er..*wing it* lol. I'll take a look at that picture to get the idea. I actually did try a different style of shading/highlighting hair the other day on a picture, unfortunately, I was too depressed with how the REST of the picture turned out to want to post it lol. Hopefully this new one will look tons better when I'm finished with it. Get some new art up soon! Later, and thanks again Corky Smile
      • Sep 13, 2006, 7:58:35 AM UTC
        Well, I will. It is just that I am literally working my ass off so it is hard to get a chance to do any art. I am lacking motivation at this point. Smile But soon I will get something up. You should take a look at my newer dgitally colored pics that I did. I did a tribute to the "Old School" horror movie villains. I drew Chucky and Jason and Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyers. I think I had asked you for your advice once when I had started it.
        Anywhoo, let me give you a great piece of advice on drawing the wrinkles in fabric that Lloyd (Dennis) gave me. What you should do is take a blanket or a towel and drape it over something and replicate the wrinkles you see. It helped me TONS! Just remember not to get too discouraged on your drawings love. Otherwise you will stress out too much and never get anything "worthwhile" out. Trust me... I know. Make sure you are nice and relaxed when you start to draw and don't stress over the little mishaps. Just leave it and go back to it later. You can do it Chris. You are already doing so well. I will have something new up soon. Promise. Take care. ^_^




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