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Posted May 26, 2023, 8:23:45 PM UTC

Name: grin 

Info and Biography:

Character Full Name: answers to grin in every incarnation depending on who's awake the full name changes 

Character Age: the current body is very new the minds inside are much older ranging from 16 - thousands of years 

Character Species: a broken rencarnation and her body remade from her magic shes been poured into a human mold though only on the outside

Hair color:  earthy brown 

Eye color:  changes on who is ' awake' most of the time it's a earthbrown with little green dots closer to the pupil like moss patches in earthen soil


Brief biography: a tired soul older than her body made new in front of the guild doors after her last death Gifted and cursed with the items each of her previous lives where burryed with she is lost as to what's next . The path forward seems clouded by the regrets and fears of the past even as she tries to sort her mind and new abilities in this new home the winds of fate have blown her to. More a healer than a fighter her adventures are few and far between . who would like a healer that looks to have won a fight with a wood chipper and just got changed after a nap?



From a distance She looks like a 6'10"tall pail human her dark earth brown  hair's just under shoulder length she likes wearing up in buns, high pony tails or lose braids though it's not uncommon for it to be loose and caught in her activities burnt trimmed and bleached in spots her hair looks as rough as her body. Getting closer it's easy to notice She has a scars all over her body from trauma her soul holds onto. a small Nick under her right eye . a thick trenching line tracing all of the vains in her arms throat and legs. Little pock marks at the crook of her arms and back of her hands. A square lines out her voice box . and many other scars each with their own story. She tends to wear covering clothes when out and about to hide the worst of them along with a tattoo on her back of a tree the branches reaching over her shoulders the roots running down her thys the trunk made of scars around the center of her back.

the back side of her neck has 6 eyes 3 on each side of her spine they tend to be diffrent colors and change more often than the ones in her face a rather disturbing rainbow watching the world silently . when not just watching the back of a turtle neck that is. 

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