Jyuuna The Munna

Posted Dec 21, 2022, 1:15:32 AM UTC


Trainer:  Gwen - Crater Star of Mysteries (paperdemon.com)

Species: Munna

Name: Jyuuna 

Nickname/s: (Optional) known to Gwen as "Jiyuu"

Gender: Female

Type(s): Dragon


A gift from her grandfather before he left back home, Gwen grew up with this Pokemon for a while before they set out away from their home. This Pokemon has gifted Gwen with the ability to confide in it to help her with her past trauma, a deep hurt that she has long forgotten and written off to be a dream as time passed. As a young girl, Gwen struggled with saying Jyuuna's name, to where she would specifically call her "Jiyuu", in hopes the Pokemon would listen to her. As Gwen's only friend, Jyuuna never let the girl too far from her sight, simply hovering over her shoulder or atop her head anytime it could. Gwen's grandfather had this Munna for a long time, the Pokemon seeming to bring help to many in their village, helping to bring aid to the plagued of dreams and terrors, and it became a sacred Pokemon to them. A shrine was made in dedication to this special Munna, and is still there to this day, the village hoping that it returns to them soon.



  • Loves Kee Berries
  • Enjoys Classical Music
  • Loves Head Rubs
  • Definitely a cuddly Pokemon
  • Smarter than it appears
  • Deeply connected to people through their dreams, it feels obligated to protect anyone it relieves of a nightmare
  • It has a deep disgust for Ghost Pokemon
  • The clouds it produces smell like cotton candy
  • It can use its tendrils to hold light objects, and they are ever flowing, never stagnant

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