Kinsey Jackknife (Pokemon Trainer Portrait)

Posted Dec 15, 2022, 10:26:14 PM UTC



Character Name: Kinsey
How old is your character? 19
What species is your character? Human
What is your character's hair color? white and pink
What is your character's eye color? blue


Kinsey is a stubborn and subtly angry and rough around the edges girl. She wasn't always like this. When she was young, she was shy and preferred to not get involved in much conversation, finding social interaction uncomfortable for her. Growing up with a cousin who always competed with her, he and Kinsey grew close, doing everything together. Perhaps it was the fact she saw him as an older brother that it led her to follow everything he did closely, not wanting to be apart from him. Standing in his shadow she learned much of what she knows now from what he taught her. One day, he disappeared and just left home. Kinsey's Aunt was distraught, but Kinsey knew where he'd gone. To join one of the Team Rocket spinoffs, he had always been a Seeking power and to further greaten himself, he was always in the pursuit to his own greatness, even if that meant leaving the ones he cared behind. Much like her husband, Kinsey's aunt resented ever meeting him, cursing him for now taking their son off on their wild ideas. From this, Kinsey became somewhat resentful of her Aunt and how she would rather berate the past and regret her onvolvement in the group she met her husband in, and how she failed to go after him and instead would rather just cry on the couch day and night. For a year she watched her Aunt waste away, a fire growing in Kinsey's chest the longer and longer they waited for her cousin to return. Eventually, that fire erupted after a long awaited argument, and Kinsey left abruptly just like everyone else in her Aunt's life it seemed, seeking out her cousin in hot pursuit. It is now she wanders in search of him, and for answers as to why he did what he did, a part of her struggling with the means to trust someone, and the ability to look past any transgressions towards her. She may be spunky, but she's not easy to get along with. It will take a strong and persistant spirit to help her ease towards the willingness to open herself back up and trust again.


Did you put the above information in your art/writing submission? yes
Did you include a biography of your character in your art/writing submission? yes

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