Posted Oct 26, 2022, 7:37:47 PM UTC

Name: Un-named (only his master knows his name)
Age: Adult and unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown, Drarashka?
Note: I think I decided to call the species he belongs to "Drarashka" but I'm not sure.

Hair: White short fur, white scaley pointy things that are a bit soft like on an iguana, ends at the back of his neck.
Skin: Light/White, Dead looking since he's dead.
Eyes: None, it's just bone, but you may add an light blue shine if needed, just know he doesn't really show any emotions.

He wears brown clothes with with a bit of yellow-gold on them, and a bluish geam with gold around it on his chest.

Info: Un-named was summoned back to life long ago, he have no memories of who he once was when he was alive, or how he died. He serves his master and brings back souls to them by using an crystal gem. At the start he did his work alone, later he was given two companions that keeps him company and helps to protect him at need. He knows how to use magic and uses it to travel mostly, make shields at need, lift things or what he may now be able to figure out to do with it. He shows no emotions ever as he got no face/skin there.

Note: He can be drawn with an magical light blue (white shine with more blueish edges), he may not show any emotions but he will cover himself in this light once in a while. Mostly common to be seen when using magic.

More Art: [Link] Shows what he looks like.

I've not really done any update on this guy as I'm quite happy with
them and how they look, after all he's already dead so he won't feel
pain I'm sure (unless magic can't hurt him in some way).

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