Yukine Alterma Character Profile

Posted Jan 12, 2022, 6:35:50 PM UTC

Character Name: Yukine Alterma

Character Age: ???(Looks about 23)

Character Species: Lyca

Hair color: Dirty White

Eye color: blue(Can change to golden during battle)


Brief biography:

Yukine is what is known as a Child of Yggdrasil. One of five divine beings born from the World Tree in order to defend the planes where the roots of Yggdrasil rest. Due to this immense job, each of the Children of Yggdrasil were given a special weapon that acts as a key to the plane of A'ruia, where the world tree resides. Each child also has powers over a specific element of the world. Yukine was given the power to govern over time itself. In the other realms, he is known as the God of Time and while he tries to keep a low-profile turmoil stirs. The five children have never gotten along, and war has broken out many a time. It is up to Yukine to find a way to bring peace back to a world where anger and jealousy reign supreme.

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