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Posted Jan 9, 2022, 12:53:38 AM UTC

Character Name

Cerberus Riddlehop AKA 'Cerbi'

Character Age


Character Species

Wolperfolk (A Wolpertinger satyr, she just goes by wolperfolk more)

Hair color

Dark grey, near black

Eye color

White iris with light grey sclera


Brief biography

Cerberus is apart of the Riddlehop family, a group of wolperfolk who run one of the pubs in her hometown. From a young age, Cerbi enjoyed the feeling of discovery and exploration, and hoped to one day become a traveler like the ones who would stop by the pub, sharing their stories and tales. Though her family wanted her to join in on the family business, they knew eventually that she would want to see the world, and they wouldn't stop her.

Cerberus would go to finally announce this to her family once she was old enough to leave on her own, explaining to them that staying at the pub wasn't her calling. Even if they were a little disappointed by this, her family supported her choices and even prepared supplies and such for her journey. As long as she came back every few seasons to check on the family and share her adventures, they would continue to support her desires to explore. And Cerberus would happily agree to these terms, not wanting to abandon them, but simply choose her own path.

Nowadays, she's often seen in towns sharing her knowledge with anyone who would want to listen.

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  • Jan 10, 2022, 4:02:22 PM UTC
    From what I can see of it, she has a distinct and neat outfit, I like the buckles, it makes me curious what they are for. I enjoy her nose, its a cute touch that makes her feel like a satyr without her legs needing to be seen.





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