Couple-Ship Prompts

Posted Sep 30, 2021, 4:49:23 AM UTC

Couples(Ships) Prompts

This is for anyone who likes to draw their favorite couples(ships).

You can use couples(ships) from any fandom you want or your ocs/fan characters.

Canon ships, oc ships, fan character ships, and any mix ships you want(canon/oc, canon/fc, oc/fc).

You can do crossover ships if you want.

But no incest and child/adult relationships allowed.

No Beastality. Human/anthromorphic are okay.(Think Roger and Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

You can use any medium you want. If you want to use a canvas painting(acrylic or oil)please take a picture and post it on any social media.

You can do any of them or all them any time you want.

You can do these prompts as many times as you want.

You can do many versions of these prompts as you want.

You don't have to all of them.

Take your time.

#mycouplesshipsprompt Twitter: @MaricruzCov Instagram: @rockportmaricruz Tumblr: @anime-iac

1. Going swimming together.

2. One pressing their forehead against the other's forehead to check if they have a fever.

3. One and the other go on a camping trip. One forgets to bring a sleeping bag, so they have to squeeze into the other's sleeping bag with them.

4. One gets confetti in their hair. The other a notices.

5. Their child coming to sleep with them after having a bad dream.

6. One traveling long distances just to see the other.

7. One goes over to the other's home after staying up all night. Even though they do their best to stay awake, they end up falling asleep while cuddling the other. One is quite embarrassed (and half-asleep) when they wake up, but the other doesn't mind.

8. One is scared of the thunder and the other tries to calm them down during an particularly heavy storm.

9. Shopping, with one of them being way more excited about it than the other who just kinda drags around and carries their bags.

10. One and the other sleeping on top of each other (bed, couch, hammock, etc.) when the other falls down on the floor.

11. One comes back home to see the mess the other made in the kitchen trying to cook for them.

12. One gently drapes a blanket over the other and kisses their forehead while they’re half-asleep.

13. One likes stealing person a's phone to change the other's phone wallpaper into something stupid (like unattractive pictures of the other's face or doing something like picking their nose). One is doing another routine swipe of the other's phone, but doesn't have the heart to change it because this time because person a's phone wallpaper is a cute picture of the two of them (like their first date together, or the only picture they have together).

14. One makes the other a hot beverage on a cold day.

15. "Sorry, I didn’t know you were awake, you just looked so cute and I wanted to kiss you."

16. One gets the hiccups, causing the other to laugh every time they try to talk until the other gets the hiccups too.

17. On a ferris wheel, and everything is going great - until it gets stuck at the very top. For thirty whole minutes.

18. Going to explore an abandoned house on the edge of town.

19. One is playing a video game even though they’re really tired. They end up falling asleep during the game. The other walks up and sees one sleeping peacefully, and falling out of their hands, a controller/handheld. Instead of waking up one or turning off the game, the other picks up the controller/handheld and begins to play.

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