Posted Sep 18, 2021, 7:30:30 PM UTC

Character Name: Miiran 

Character Age: 54

Character Species: Demon

Hair color: Water 

Eye color: White 

Friendly to those around her but can easily have her opinion of you turned sour if treated with disrespect. Rarely forgives but often forgets- will remain irritated even if she has no recollections of how you wronged her. Despite all of that, always willing to listen or sit down and have a talk about the past, give people second chances and such. But you do need to work a bit for it. 

Freelances as a travel guardian/companion.

Lost somebody important to her when she was in her 20s, maybe if you get close enough she'll give you a hint as to who.

Physical health is important to her, staying fit and able to run long distances especially is key to her routines. 

Has no current family connections as far as anyone can tell. Doesn't consider that a topic appropriate or necessary to discuss while working.

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