Bedtime Story

Posted Sep 14, 2020, 11:03:45 PM UTC

When they settled down to read and enjoy the sunset, at the end of another long day, Trout, not for the first time, joined them.

She settled down a little ways away, content to nap in their general vicinity, like usual. Trout, they had found, did not particularly care for being by herself, even going so far as to bother Trassel consistently enough that the grumpy, quiet tokota might be starting to almost like her and her company. Aquin knew they certainly did. Even if she did get up to some trouble, sometimes, she really was a good tokota.

Even so, it startled them when Trout got up, which was not usual. “I don’t have any treats for you, right now, girl,” they said softly, smiling at her, as she padded closer and sniffed the grass around them, ears pricked and looking up at them hopefully. She let out a huff when she found nothing, and layed down right there, sighing dramatically.

Aquin laughed softly at her, and reached over to give her a couple pats on the head, and a scratch behind the ear. “Sorry, girl. Next time.”

She started them again, a few minutes later, when she got up again and moved a little closer, behind them, now. They just barely started to turn and see what she was up to when she laid down again, one paw on either side of them, head resting on theirs. “Aw, Trout,” they said softly, ducking their head under the weight and smiling up at her. “I love you, too.”

art, Trout, & Aquinassar © aquinassar
Twitter, Deviantart, & Pillowfort

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