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Posted Jun 12, 2011, 10:43:44 PM UTC

Completion Date: 04-16-11
Time Taken: 4 hours
+ 05 mechanical pencil
+ Sketched in Opencanvas 2.2 (Busts only)
+ Colored and watermark added in Photoshop CS2
+ Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland
+ Flashing Lights - Chase and Status feat. Sub Focus and Takura
+ Spiritual Spiral - Dralion - Cirque du Soleil
+ Blue - Cowboy Bebop
+ Cold (but I'm still here) - Evans Blue
+ Mother Knows Best - Donna Murphy - Tangled

::E D I T::Updated profile and sheet for Valley-of-Siyyon~

New character time is go!
This is Balrog, he's a Slender-snouted Crocodile centaur guy...thing....man....person. He's a mess. Came up with this guy during class on Tuesday because I was bored and wanted a unique taur, and I also want to put him into the #Valley-of-Siyyon club. ITLOOKSSOAWESOMEOMGWANNAJOIN. Anyway, he's a bit of a bio on him, there'll be more later as I flesh out his history more~

Name: Balrog
Nicknames: Bal, Bogrog, Jerkface, Buttbog, Buttrog, Chomps
Age: 28
Birthday: Unknown
Sex: Male
Species: Slender-snouted Crocodile
Rank: Omega
Affiliation: Okeanos
Occupation: Resident Asshole
Skills: Making wood jewelry, fishing, jackassery, intimidation, being obnoxious, picking his teeth and nose
Birthplace: Tributary off of the Kalea River

Physical Description
Hair: Charcoal gray, shaved on one side with a messy loose section that transitions into dreadlocks on the back of his head
Eyes: Orange with black sclera
Complexion: Olive
Height: 3'3" ft. from head to ground, 4 meters in length
Weight: 480 lbs.
Physique: Awkward Powerhouse
Distinguishing Marks: Scars cover his entire upper body on the shoulders, arms, and torso (front). One long facial scar from the corner of his mouth to his ear, and one long scar on his scalp. He also bears several scars on his crocoside near the front legs, on the abdomen side, and tail.
Piercings: Gauged ears
Clothing: None, but will wear bone and wood necklaces from time to time.

Likes: Tormenting things smaller than himself, lazing about on the river bank, sunning, lurking around in murky water, picking his nose and teeth, fighting
Dislikes: Droughts, getting bested, blue gill, things that climb up trees to get away from him
Quirks / Random Tidbits:
- The spine of his upper body is actually deformed to accommodate his crocodilian lower half. The deformation allows him to use his hands to walk/run since his legs are relatively short. However, with the shape of his backbone it is next to impossible for him to lift himself fully upright.
- He talks a lot of smack but usually never has enough to back it up.
- He is slow moving on land, but can move quickly enough to catch small prey. Water is his natural habitat and he is more at home in it.

Balrog is a generally unfriendly guy due to the fact that he is a raging douchebag. He's a jerk to anyone he comes across, is rude, crass, and just impolite. He has little to no etiquette and forget common courtesy. Balrog does what he wants, how he wants, when he wants; and doesn't really care what anyone says or thinks. He's also extremely territorial, driving off anything he feels is a threat to his stretch of river. Sometimes this works, other times... not so much.

Brief History
Balrog's life started out just as normal and reptilian as one of his kind could get. His mother, an aloof and naturally solitary creature, laid her clutch of eggs and when they hatched she was pleasantly surprised to find them all alive. However, nature saw to bumping off most of her young ones not long after birth; leaving her with Balrog and his three sisters.

Growing up, Balrog pretty much took care of himself, staying within his mother's territory until he got tired of being there and wanted his own patch of river he didn't have to share. He found his own place after much trial and error, many of his scars were received in that time. Now with his own little territory he began to flourish, living the life of a "big bad male" and driving off anyone on his property. However, Balrog's mouth tended to get him into fights more often than not over his territory. His largest scar was given to him by another stronger and much larger male for trying to be a badass tough guy. Even with something so traumatic, that didn't stop him or his diarrhea of the mouth.

Presently, Balrog is still the smarry bastard on "that" stretch of river no one wants to travel. Why don't they? Well, no one really wants to put up with him, that's why.

"Death Dealer's Descent" by Renholder
"Disease" by Deathgaze
"Hell Above Water" by Curve
"Angel" by Massive Attack
"The Asshole Song" by Dennis Leary
"Defective Tragedy" by Gazette

Artwork, Balrog © 2011 P. Lolla (*souls-poison)
Textures and scale brush from [link]
Do not use without permission. Artwork and character copyright P. Lolla (*souls-poison); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.

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