Nomi the Kobold

Posted Jun 22, 2021, 8:59:13 PM UTC

Character Name: Nomi

Character Age: 23

Character Species: Kobold

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Orange/Brown

Brief biography:

Nomi is a lonely kobold which got forced to travel out into the wild after her guardian dragon got killed.

She knew that the cave she stayed at would not be a safe haven anymore without the dragon, so reluctantly she goes outside and explores the world.

Even though her surroundings are unknown to her, she does find it a wonderful sensation to finally explore the unknown.

Seeing the beauty that the world has to offer, as she slowly becomes more adventurous and curious... perhaps a bit too curious from time to time.

Through this she learns to survive and manage to keep afloat.

Because of her lack of experience with proper communication with the outside world, she's quite shy and scared of strangers she meets along her travels.

Causing her to be very nervous in social situations as she's not used to them.

Yet because of that, someone who puts on a friendly face could easily misuse her gullible personality, as in the end she wants to feel safe and at ease after trying to survive for so long alone.

Although when she is with the right people and those who've managed to become friends, she opens up quite a bit and has a more happy-go-lucky/bubbly personality

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