The Written Works: Work of the Greats

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Jordini has always loved to write, not just as a responsibility to summon her characters, but also as a genuinely fun experience. But one day, she decides to test a theory from the safety of her study, and goes to her imaginary world. Join her as she tries to find her characters.

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Chapter 1: Work of the Greats


Ever since she'd been created, and learned how to write, she'd become quite obsessed with the prospect. For here, there was only one thing you could do- write, and bring the characters to life when you did. But instead of seeing this as a civic duty, like other writers at that time did, she chose to see it as entertainment for herself.

But just like everyone else, she was written about once to be made real. And her novel had gained lots of traction, because hers was written by Thaire, one of the original works. 

Because she was the main character of a best-selling epic, and her face was printed on the front, people always recognized her when she passed them on the streets.

They would often ask, “Are you Jordini? The main character from the best-selling novel, ‘Idea Bringer’?”

“Yes,” she would then respond, and they would promptly ask for an autograph from herself or from Thaire, which she would gladly seek out for them.

She sat her origin novel on her desk, an epic that was perhaps as thick as her thigh, and her poor desk shuddered with the force she dropped it. The bookshelves surrounded her, ceiling high and stuffed with books from the original works, and copies of her own. Her curtains were shut, and it was dark in the room, save for a few lanterns scattered around the room.

First, she would write down ideas, or characters, she already had in her head (she was constantly thinking about it, so she had plenty to choose from), then she would read her novel and glean some inspiration from it, before finally sitting down to write. People had always told her in Q and As that she wrote like Thaire, and she always told them that it was because he was her greatest inspiration. In fact, he was her only inspiration.

And she was prepared to do just the same today, but then she got an idea so great that she felt she didn’t even need inspiration. She sat her novel by her side, grabbed a fresh journal, and began writing.

One odd habit of hers was that she talked to herself when she wrote, and sometimes narrated to herself what she was writing. She got the habit from Thaire, who did the same with his novels. 

“Okay… hm. Which one do I write first?”
She took a moment to think, and then remembered a very interesting article she’d read earlier in the day. It defied every muscle in her body to write about the setting first, but she wrote a paragraph about this world. The world of Euthawal.

“Now, if this works…” 

She traced along the page for a moment. She’d read that if a good writer wrote a setting, and then tried to make it come to life like one did with a character, that you would be transported there. Of course, it was a theory. None of the original works had confirmed it, and no one had ever attempted it. But it made sense that something should happen if you made a setting come to life. And so, she lifted her hand, straightened her hat, and was gone.


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  • Nov 19, 2023, 5:25:53 PM UTC
    I have one small critique for this section, "...but then she got an idea so great that she felt she didn’t even need inspiration."
    Idea and inspiration are roughly the same word.

    But "as thick as her thigh" that's freakin awesome ROFL